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This article is about the police variant of Pölsa. For other variants, see Pölsa (disambiguation).

The police variants of the Pölsa are non-driveable vehicles that appear at police checkpoints on the highway. Failing to stop at a checkpoint will cause both of the cars to chase the player until the player either stops and pays the fine, manages to escape, or dies. Be careful when escaping the police, because when you slow down, the car will hit you at high speed causing death or serious damage to Satsuma.

The police variants have an abnormal amount of engine power (173 hp) compared to normal Pölsas, which have less engine power (118 hp). This suggests that the police have tuned their vehicles to some degree.


  • The vehicle is modeled after the Saab 900i, which was used by the Finnish Police from 1987 to 2002.
  • The police Saabs can be seen in many Finnish tv-shows & series from that period, such as: "Rautainen nuoruus", and "Autovaras".
  • In last experimental update, police Pölsas got a registration plate, one of them is KYS-185 and the other is FDC-831.

    A police car in "Rautainen nuoruus" tv-series, 1989.