This article is about the lake. For the urban area of Peräjärvi, see Peräjärvi (urban area).

Peräjärvi (rear/back lake) is the main lake in the game. The surface of the water can be sailed on by using the boat to reach various places such as the cottage island and Loppe; these locations usually have piers along the coast for ease of access. The player character can also swim in the water, but doing so while drunk will cause him to die.

The bottom of the lake is featureless, and cannot be accessed easily; the player character cannot dive. This means that loosing items, or even vehicles in the lake will make them irretrievable by normal means, requiring the player to either use exploits to walk underwater, or use a save file editor. A common misconception is that items dropped in the lake will respawn at the landfill site; only items that have fallen through the terrain will respawn there.

Peräjärvi connects to a smaller lake directly north of Loppe via a river. The river has two bridges that can be sailed under by using the boat, giving motorised access to the northern lake.


Multiple places can be directly accessed by sailing on the lake, though some of them require some walking: