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Peräjärvi is the only urban area in the game. When entering, the player will pass the built-up area signs, which means that the speed limit is 50 km/h. The urban area is located on the shore of the beautiful lake Peräjärvi so there's also a floating jetty for small boats. Theres also a small beach near the Sportsfield and Jouko's new house (apartments).

The name Peräjärvi means faraway or remote lake, translated literally as end lake. Peräjärvi is also the name of the main lake in the game, in the fictional municipality of Alivieska. Alivieska is a result of the names of real towns Ylivieska and Alavieska in Finland combined. Vieska is a dialect word that translates to ford, which is shallow part on a river that can be used for crossing. Lestijärvi in Finland, literally meaning 'last lake' might be a real-world equivalent of Peräjärvi.

There are a few notable buildings in the urban area, including Teimo's shop with fuel pumps and postal services, a wooden church with a graveyard which marks all permadeath mode deaths as gravestones, and a fenced-off facility where sewage must be dumped in order to not get fined for illegal dumping, wooden school and a large Sports field (both by the dirt road to Loppe). Behind the shop, there's an outhouse where the player can save their progress. Theres also a non-functional toilet in Jouko's new house.

Peräjärvi urban area sign.

A noticeboard, informing about the local radio station and a dance event. Added in the 01.04.2021 update.



Main article: Teimo's shop

Teimo's shop, the only grocery store currently available in Alivieska, is possibly the most important feature of Peräjärvi. The shop is operated by Teimo, who sells various items, foods, and car parts to the player character. The shop is open from 10:00 to 20:00 every day apart from Sundays.

Car inspection[]

Main article: Lindell inspection shop

There's also a car inspection office in Peräjärvi, where the player can inspect their Satsuma. The inspection shop is open from 08:00 to 16:00 from Monday to Friday.

Septic tanks[]

Main article: septic tank

There are eight houses in the urban area, two of them have septic tanks that can be emptied for money.


Main article: sportsfield

On the east side of Peräjärvi, there is a sportsfield behind the yellow house with a septic tank. Two boys can be found kicking a ball around the field. They cannot be run over, and coming in contact with them while in a vehicle will result in it being pushed around by the boys or even player death like from the crash. A groundskeeper, Reijo, will protect the sportsfield with a shotgun, shouting at the player to get off his field.


Main article: graveyard

A graveyard can be found around the large yellow church in Peräjärvi. Gravestones will appear on the graveyard every time the player character dies when the permanent death option is turned on. The graveyard will also act as a respawning point when the permanent death option is turned off.

Treatment plant[]

Main article: wastewater treatment plant

The large fenced-off building in the northern part of Peräjärvi is a wastewater treatment plant, where the player must empty any sewage they have pumped up using the Gifu in order to avoid getting fined for environmental crimes. It is open from 08:00 to 16:00 from Monday to Friday.


Main article: church

Beautiful wooden church located in the middle of the village, surrounded by brick wall, cannot be interacted with. It's helpful, due to its high tower finished by cross, that can be used as orientation point, since it's visible from lake and its coasts. It is located in beautiful scenery, screened from other buildings by wall of high, old trees.


Main article: Pub Nappo

Pub Nappo is the only pub in the urban area and it's open from 20:00 to 02:00 every day apart from Sundays. The player can order various items from Teimo, the local shopkeeper and bartender. There are also two drunken men inside the pub when it is open, as well as a video poker machine, which can be stolen