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Petteri Kaartoranta is the driver of the Svoboda outside of Teimo's shop in Peräjärvi. He wears a blue shirt with the text "VIIVALLE? JA JÄÄ.", a red Amis Auto cap, blue track pants with a white stripe, and grey sneakers. He will periodically take his car for a spin on the highway along with Jani and drives to the dance pavilion every Saturday night. Sometimes, he can also be seen riding around the football field, angering the Groundskeeper.

The player can purchase a bottle of booze from him while he is present at the dance pavilion. The initial price of the bottle is 1,000 mk, but it can be haggled down to 600 by pressing the speech key near him (default K). The price gets lowered in increments: 900, 850, 750, and finally 600. Trying to go any lower than 600 will cause him to refuse the offer and insult the player.

A box containing booze bottles can be found on the backseat of Petteri's car. Multiple bottles can be taken out of it by pressing F while looking at the box, and any bottles that are taken out will remain in the game world when saving the game. The box can only be interacted with if Petteri is dead.

Unlike Jani, Petteri is more friendly toward the player. Context shows they’ve known each other for sometime and he mentions a third friend who has become a shut in after buying a computer. Petteri will only respond negatively if the player flips him off, punches him or tries to haggle below 600 mk for his booze.

Like Jani, Petteri can be raced around the highway, though Petteri is much more positive about the race and keeps it friendly.

Petteri (along with Jani) will spawn at 00:00-04:00 and 16:00-00:00 on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


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  • "Hello hello! How's it hanging?"
  • "What a fuck are you, a flycatcher?"
  • "Enjoying your diluted piss much?"
  • "You cheapo, this shit is not free. Please jump into crap well and drown yourself."


  • If the player gets close enough and attempts to punch him, he will punch back and knock the player out.
  • Petteri is based on NPH95, a beta tester of My Summer Car and the guy who voiced him.
  • He is often referred to as Teimo's son, although his last name proves that he isn't related to him.
  • In an unused dialogue, Petteri was supposed to criticize something about Teimo selling spoiled milk and that he will be excitingly saying something about "Alright! Let's go see who's the fastest," once the player triggers Jani or Petteri himself for a race.