The phone is located in the player's home. It is used to receive calls from other people residing in Alivieska. It is possible to unplug the phone at the wall socket to avoid getting any calls. The phone itself seems to be modelled after the Alcatel Digitel 2000 desk phone.

The phone can also kill the player if one answers it during a thunderstorm. If the phone rings only once, it shouldn't be answered. It should be waited for the phone to ring at least twice.


Septic workEdit

  • Five different people will call once their septic tanks are full, the locations will be pinned on the map above the phone.

Firewood guyEdit


  • Jokke, the local drunk, might call the player at 02:00, asking for a ride home.
  • He will also call if he has been tricked into buying bad kilju/water, Satsuma's tyres might also need replacing after this call.
  • After giving him five rides home and waiting for a while, he will call the player and ask if they could help him move to his new house.


  • Teimo from Teimo's Shop will call when the player's postal orders have arrived at the shop.
  • He will also call if the player "forgot" to pay for fuel, threatening to tell their father, or saying that they will go to jail.