The phone bill will be mailed to the player's mail box in Kesselinperä every four real-life hours. It is used to bill the player for their time spent online on the computer using TeleBBS. The total sum of the bill varies depending on the total time spent online, as well as the amount of calls made; the baud rate and bandwidth usage do not matter, as the sum is simply counted from the amount of in-game minutes spent using the Con-Line bulletin board service.

To pay the bill, go to the mail box and open it by left-clicking the lid, click on the envelope, and finally click on the bill interface that pops up. Pressing Esc while the interface is open puts the envelope back into the mail box without paying it, and it cannot be picked up again until the lid is closed and opened again. Not paying the bill for six real-life hours after the last time the bill was paid will cause the player to be unable to access services using the TeleBBS program, attempting to do so will return CONNECTION CLOSED.


  • Unlike most other payment forms, the phone bill doesn't have an option to be translated to English.