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Pieno is a virtual keyboard program that can be accessed on the Mikropekka computer at home. It is one of the two pre-installed programs alongside Con-Line BBS. The program can be accessed with the pieno command and, as with most other software, terminated by pressing Q.

The program features a virtual keyboard which can be played by pressing the letter keys on the real life computer keyboard. There are four different sounds to choose from: piano, synth, drums, and human.


  • Playing the first 13 notes of Ukko Nooa correctly will unlock the "Wow, look at that Chopin there" achievement.
    • The notes are: C-C-C-E-D-D-D-F-E-E-D-D-C
    • On keyboard: A-A-A-D-S-S-S-F-D-D-S-S-A
  • "Pieno" is a Finnish dialectual mangling of the standard Finnish "Piano". The name of the creator is likewise a dialectual rendering of "the Beethoven of Peräjärvi".