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The player character is the playable main protagonist of My Summer Car. He is a 18-19-year-old young boy who lives in his parents' house in Kesselinperä while they are both away in Tenerife.


The player character was born on the current day you start the game (Ex: December 22nd, 2020 = Dec. 22 1976). The first and last name of the player character is determined by the player at the start of the game. The player character is generally perceived as a 'good boy' judging by the initial reactions of fellow Alivieska residents, he is known to regularly bring food to his grandma, deliver firewood and adverts, pump septic tanks and help his friend Jouko get home safe at night. As the game progresses, the player has the option to begin breaking this 'good boy' persona and do bad things, such as stealing, fraud, violating traffic laws and vandalism, etc, with varying consequences.

The player character is evidently interested in cars and/or motor vehicles in general, as he clearly had enough tuning knowledge to engine swap an 80cc engine into his Jonnez ES and believes he has enough knowledge to repair his dad's car to running condition at the very least. The AMIS parts catalog delivered to the house suggests he has the intention to modify the car with aftermarket parts, as would any other Finnish youth. Not much else is known about interests and hobbies, though a basketball and hoop are available to play and a computer can be later bought to play video games on.


Initially, the player owns a Jonnez ES moped and has use of the family boat, farm tractor, and trailer. His father, according to a note left by his parents, has told the player to repair the Satsuma AMP which sits disassembled in the driveway. If he can get it running and through inspection, his father will let him keep it. The player can later take ownership of his Uncle's Hayosiko van and can go to the sewage disposal plant to rent/borrow Gifu pump truck. The Ruscko wagon is also available if he beats a Ventti dealer at his own game, which can also be stolen with no repercussions except an annoying horn may activate when riding over a bump.


Player's prison tattoos, showing how tough he really is.

After the player has been sent to prison with a minimum sentence of 10 days, he will get his hands tattooed during the saving, and quitting from the game. The tattoos on either hand are identical.


Monitoring of the stress meter reveals some likes and dislikes the player has.

The player seems to enjoy visiting the island cottage, chopping firewood, drinking coffee, and eating grilled sausages. Passing the car inspection and winning ventti will also cause his stress to lower.

The player dislikes failing the car inspection, hangovers, losing ventti, driving for extended periods of time, and getting fined by police.

The player seems to like Heavy Metal, as there is a Wrathrone poster in his bedroom, Wrathrone is a Heavy Metal band.


  • In the Steam Greenlight trailer, the player's name is displayed as Matti Virtanen. It's unknown what this name represents, and it's most likely a random Finnish name Topless chose for his playthrough.
  • The player is Caucasian, and most likely has brown hair, due to his cousin Pena, his grandmother and his mother having brown hair.
  • The player is deathly allergic to wasps and bees. After several stings, he will die.
  • The player can wave their hand by holding down K, to wave hello at NPCs.
  • The player was voice acted by Johannes Rojola (ToplessGun), the game's developer.
  • The player is more likely to be ambidextrous because he does different actions with each hand. However, this could also just be for gameplay reasons (for example the player refuels with his left hand so he can smoke a cigarette with his right hand at the same time)
  • The player's height is 180 centimetres as said by an arrest warrant if the player gets one.