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The police checkpoints will require the player to pull over and take a breathalyzer test to prove they're not drinking and driving. Only the player will be stopped at the checkpoint and NPC cars will simply pass by. Not stopping at a checkpoint will cause the police officers to start chasing the player with their police cruisers until the player escapes, stops to receive the traffic ticket, or dies. The police checkpoints are located semi-randomly on the highway.

What to do[]

A policeman with a radar gun.

The first policeman will check the vehicle's speed; the regular speed limit is 100 km/h (80 km/h for the Gifu and Hayosiko).

The second man is holding a 'Stop' sign and wants to give the player a breathalyzer test. It is possible to either drive slowly next to him and do the test through the window, or park the car and walk to him to do the test. Stopping in the lane is not recommended, as the AI cars are very likely to crash into the player's car. If one is clear to go, they can drive off (again, be careful of AI cars passing by). If one is too drunk then they'll get a fine, these can range from ~700 mk up to the tens of thousands depending on the player's earnings.

More on how Finnish tickets work here.

What not to do[]

Run the policemen over, ignore the stop sign, push the policemen, hit the police car, do a 200 km/h fly-by, drive the Satsuma without a passed inspection, hit the officers with beer bottles, drink and drive, drive on the highway with the Ruscko as it does not have registration or license plates, or not detaching the radar buster off the dash.

As of 29.05.2020, evading the police (refusing to take fines) will give the player an instant wanted status and a 3 day sentence.

Fines and punishment[]

Main article: Traffic ticket

The player will receive a traffic ticket for committing various crimes, such as speeding, driving under the influence, or not having the vehicle inspected. Not paying the fine within a few days will cause the police to show up at home, arrest the player character, and take the player to jail.

Note: If the fine on the kitchen table does not show the icon to pay, this means that the police are about to appear at the player's house to arrest him.

Radar buster[]

Main article: Radar buster

The player may use the radar buster while driving the Satsuma to receive warning of a nearby checkpoint. The buster will start beeping when a radar gun is detected, which gives the player a chance to slow down to the speed limit before passing the officer.

Warning: The radar buster must be detached from the dashboard before driving past the radar gun officer, as the player will otherwise be fined for radar detector infraction.

Other traffic[]

The police only seem to pay attention to the player's driving. They never pull over nor chase any of the other cars, not even the green menace, Jani, or Petteri; they also do not investigate highway collisions unless they involve the player colliding with one of their own vehicles or officers.


The chance of a police checkpoint spawning is 50% on the weekend (Friday - Sunday) and 10% on other days. There are three possible spawn points (also shown on the map):

The checkpoint will not move within the same game session. This means that if a section of the highway doesn't have a checkpoint, it can be driven on safely for the rest of the game session.


  • In older versions of the game, the checkpoint would only spawn at the southernmost location with a 100% spawn chance, and would stay there all day and all night.