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Pro Pilkki is an ice fishing game for the Computer, available in diskette form which arrives in the mailbox along with a paper advertisement.


The game can be accessed just like the others by:

  • Insert the diskette
  • Enter the A:\ drive by typing in a:
  • Enter the launch command for the game, pilkki


This fishing game is simple to play. The player has to use the in-game mouse to control the location of fishing. Then, you have to click "Kairaa" to open a hole for fishing. After the hole is completed, you need to set up a bait and click "Laske" to drop the fishing rod. During that time, you can use the Return/Enter to lure the fish while fishing. When a fish has come up, press "NOSTA!" immediately. There are different types of fishes.

To start the game, you have to type your user name, then select the length of the game, then select the AI difficulty. Then, press OK to start the game.


  • Pro Pilkki is a real game that was created by Mikko Happo and Janne Olkkonen of Procyon Productions in 1999 for DOS PC. Procyon Productions have collaborated with ToplessGun to allow the game to play inside My Summer Car.
  • Technically, since the real Pro Pilkki came out in 1999, the game is not released in the My Summer Car world (which is based in 1995). Though we can all forgive this to play a real '90s Finnish professional AAA ice-fishing simulation.
  • Two names of the players are of the original creators: Mikko Happo and Janne Olkkonen, one name is ToplessGun's friend Rami Airola and four are of residents of Alivieska: Teimo Pielinen, Leif Fleetari, Jouko "Jokke" Ollevi, revealing his real name for the first time, and R. (Reijo) Nieminen, the groundkeeper.
  • One of the screenshots in the advert is from Kalapäiväkirja, which was another project of Procyon Productions.

Game advert.