Pub Nappo is a small pub connected to Teimo's shop that sells coffee, beer, vodka shots, sausage with fries, and cigarettes. The pub is open from 20:00 to 02:00 every night except on Sundays. Teimo runs the pub as well as the shop.

There are two drunk guys sitting at a table, discussing random things such as their late friend who worked in a sausage factory that fired 15 workers. The pub also contains a slot machine, and an outhouse can be found behind the building.

The pub closes at 02:00; after that, Teimo will ride his bike back to his house. Teimo might crash into the Svoboda or Ricochet and fall unconscious on his way home from the pub, causing him to be unable to open the store the next morning. This can be fixed by saving and reloading the game.

Item Cost
Coffee 7 mk
Beer 8 mk
Vodka shot 30 mk
Sausage with fries 25 mk
Cigarettes 17 mk
Note: Like firewood; items bought from Pub Nappo will disappear when reloading the game.