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RS-POS is a computer operating system developed by Royalsoft. The system can be found running on the Mikropekka computer.

The operating system is a DOS-like providing a command-line interface (CLI) for user input and control of the system. Basic commands are used to run programs, read and execute disks, exit applications, etc. The system is integrated with physical buttons such as the power and reset buttons found on the case of the TURBO X33.

It is likely based on MS-DOS or PC-DOS.


Basic commands for system control
Command Action Description
Change drive Redirects operating system commands to a specified drive. c: is the computer's drive, a: is the floppy drive.
dir Echo directory Displays the contents of the current drive by listing all files on it.
copy a:\*.* c: Copy file Copies any file from the floppy disk to the computer's drive. Oddly it is not possible to copy files from the computer to a floppy disk.
format c:
format a:
Clear FAT on selected drive Completely wipes a specified drive or floppy disk of all data. When used on c: the command will render the computer unusable as it also removes the computer's operating system. This action cannot be undone.

Pre-installed software[]

  • pieno: A cool keyboard piano to play musical notes on.
  • telebbs: Dialler program allowing player to access to the Con-Line BBS for chatting and file downloads.
  • os: RS-POS' main system file, automatically loaded on startup. When run through the command prompt again it triggers loading sounds only to return a "The system cannot find the path specified" error.


  • The corporation's name is very likely based on the developer's username on YouTube, RoyalJohnLove.
  • RS-POS most likely stands for "RoyalSoft-Pekka Operating System".
  • If the player attempts to download files from the Con-Line BBS on an instance of My Summer Car running without Steam, the computer with be attacked by a virus that wipes the computer's hard disk in a similar fashion as format c:. This event was originally developed as an anti-piracy measure targeting users who play any illegally downloaded copy of My Summer Car that bypasses Steam.