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This article is about the radio in My Summer Car. For a list of songs in the game, see Music of My Summer Car.

Tuner on the Hayosiko dashboard (to the right).

A picture of the boombox.

All driveable vehicles in My Summer Car except the Jonnez ES moped, the Ruscko, and the boat have a working radio, there is also one in the player's home and jail. To turn it on and increase volume, move the mouse over the left knob and scroll down. Change the frequency with the right knob. The radio has two stations: Toiveradio and Alivieskan paikallisradio. The first one is around FM 81.0 MHz and the second around FM 91.0 MHz. Turning the knob one tick equals about 0.5 MHz.

Radio channels[]

Toiveradio (user songs)[]

Main article: Toiveradio

The "Toiveradio" or "Wish music radio" plays user songs between jingles and adverts. Songs can be added to this station by going to the Steam Common folder for My Summer Car and in the Radio folder inside. Add any songs in .ogg format (not .mp3, .wav, etc.). Name them all "track1", "track2", "track3", and so on. Radio accepts any OGG files, but keep in mind that other songs within the game are in 22050 Hz and Mono if your aim for consistency. Radio play user songs in random order. By default, when no songs been imported, radio plays only jingles and adverts. Songs are imported manually by clicking corresponding button in the Main Menu. You should manually import the songs every time you launch the game.

Finnish radio of 1995[]

For anyone looking to get the most accurate Finnish Summer 1995 experience can start gathering their custom music according to the list of 1995 hit songs in Finland. The list is compiled from 30 % singles sales, 35 % radio, 25 % album/compilation sales, and 10 % from disco play. There is also the RadioMafia Top500 songs of all time list done in 1995.

Kesähitti (Summer hit song) of 1995 was Aikakone – Odota, so add at least one duplicate for every five other songs.

Alivieskan paikallisradio[]

Main article: Alivieskan paikallisradio

The "Alivieskan paikallisradio" or "Alivieska local radio" plays songs from the game soundtrack (including the Marjatta song also seen on TV) and it also has a nature show "Luonto kutsuu" (Nature calls) with a stuttering presenter named Seppo Käpytähkä and a show by Marko Kahjo (A parody of Markus Kajo). Apparently the nature show is broadcasted from Lapland and at one point the presenter asks a guy named Jukka if he has to continue and claims that he's cold. The presenter mostly names different (fictional) animals and plants.


  • The FM Band of the in-game radio goes from 76 to 90 MHz, which is the band used by the former Eastern Bloc countries and the Soviet Union.
  • The FM band was placed lower than the standard European VHF FM band so citizens couldn't tune in Radio Free Europe or radio from the western European nations.
  • Every so often the player can hear an ad on both radio stations about a UFO contact phone number, possibly hinting to paranormal activity in the game.
  • The stereo, 5H1T 2000A, is almost identicle to the real life Lasonic TRC-975 boombox. It is rare to find one in working condition and is very expensive and valuable object.
  • There is a folkpoem show on the radio where the host; Risto Vaasranta reads out poems that were sent to him by people around Finland. On one of the poems that he reads out, has a verse that goes like: "I want two small and warm (children) onto my lap. I won't put them into a barrel, just want to hold them on my lap". This verse is a direct reference to the known Finnish murderer; Jammu Siltavuori.

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