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Rally cars (Fin.png: Ralliautot) can be seen driving on the dirt roads on Saturdays and Sundays between 10:00 and 18:00 when the Peräjärven Suvi-Sprint rally is active. Extreme caution must be taken when travelling on the dirt roads during the weekend as the cars are very fast and can kill you easily.


There are three different rally car models in the game: the Costo, the Orca and the Pollo. Each car has three different liveries it can spawn in, meaning that there is a total of nine rally cars that can spawn.


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The Costo is a compact saloon based off of a Ford Escort Mark II. There are three different liveries that the car can spawn in, though the license plate is always ITK-913.


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The Orca is a sporty coupe based on an Opel Manta B2. The Orca also has three different liveries, with the license plate being FKR-629.


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The Pollo is a compact hatchback based on a Toyota Starlet KP60. Like the other cars, it also has three liveries. Its license plate is FKR-193.


There are nine different rally drivers that drive the AI rally cars. Their rally times can be seen on the leaderboard post-race.

Name Vehicle Liveries Number
Åkeblom Airut Pollo BKT #74
Almala Alpo Orca none #85
Ilmakko Jalmari Pollo


Kuska Pasi Costo LEAD ER Super Power #82
Louko Leiska Orca ROYLE #41
Papatti Jere Pollo Alivieskan Vesi Oy #61
Saarikivi Steba Orca N2O #23
Yli-Jani Tommi Costo RPM #93
Viska Patu Costo Suomen konemoka #65


  • Parts similar to parts available for the Satsuma can be seen on the rally cars, such as the rally steering wheel, rims, tires, seats and roll cage.
  • Some of the rally car liveries have the logos from aftermarket parts manufacturers that can be bought for the Satsuma: Suomen Konemoka (seen on the oil filter), Leader Super Power (seen on the battery), RPM (seen on the racing radiator), N2O (seen on the N2O kit) and ROYLE (seen on the sport steering wheel). Jalmari Ilmakko's Pollo's livery also has logos for Teimo's shop on it.
  • Dying by getting hit by a rally car on foot will result in the newspaper headline "Spectator was killed by a rally car".
  • All rally cars have a skid plate.
  • The rally cars can be seen participating in the rally live on TV when the rally is active.
  • The Pollo currently shares a rear license plate with the Costo. This is most likely an oversight.