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Father of Samppa, a villager in Loppe.

In addition to the player and his parents who are currently on vacation, there are some other people who live in Alivieska:

  • The strange ventti dealer. Only his Surname is known (Ritoranta).

Removed residents[]

  • The drag racing supervisor who never left the Rykipohja air strip. He showed the player's time slip before the Drag races were introduced to the game.
  • Logging gifu driver. He has been deleted - along with his vehicle - due to massive FPS drops, caused by rendering all logs on the truck singly.
  • An old NPC that used to be inside of the player's sauna.
  • Some of the older roaming NPC's from when they were first added have been replaced.


  • Almost all the guys who sit outside their houses waiting for their septic tanks to be emptied have the same text on their shirts "jos ei tee töitä ei tuu virheitä", which means "if you don't work, there won't be mistakes".