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Rear quarter view.

The driver and his girlfriend. The driver appears to be in his mid 20s/30s.

The 1972 Hayosiko Ricochet ST is one of the few AI cars in the game, driven by Jani. It can be seen outside of Teimo's shop or the Dance pavilion on Saturdays. Suski will sometimes be in the car with Jani.

The car is modeled after a Toyota Carina 1600 ST with a front/rear bumper delete, black stripes, a front air dam, black rear window tint, rear window louvers, and a large spoiler, with rear "Gommer Gobra RallyE" tires and a zebra styled interior, similar to some of the modifications the player can purchase for their Satsuma.

Jani can be raced if the player gets into their Satsuma and starts moving or driving near the car and revving the engine. The car will travel down the road it first appeared from. If it doesn't, you can insult the driver and his car and he will start power sliding around Teimo's shop. When he's triggered, his path is a little loop around gas station, then goes left in turn next to Teimo and drives route next to lake and septic tank owner called Ters, then he overtakes Teimo`s Shop and goes on highway and drives it in a counterclockwise direction. When completing one lap of the highway, he drives to the Peräjärvi running track, completes sixteen laps on it, and returns to Teimo's shop via the southern part of the town.

Towing hook points are found on the front and rear making it possible to tow the car to where ever the player desires, such as the lake or the train tracks.

Attacking the driver with punches causes him to punch back and knock out the player instantly if hit.


  • Even after the driver has been killed, Ricochet can sometimes still drive around and perform burnouts (seen on this video).


  • The voice-actor of the driver is a Finnish streamer and game beta-tester named StatusD.
  • Messing the car with Suski inside will glitch her right arm.
  • The car's windshield can also be broken. (This only applies when Jani dies.)
  • This is the second Amis Car to be added into the game. The first being the Techno Victra, the third being the Svoboda, and even the EDM 500LX being the fourth. This is the first Amis Car to spawn in front of Teimo's Shop. (The second being the Svoboda.)
  • This is the only Amis Car so far to be a two-door car, more likely a two-door coupe.
  • Just like most of the other Amis Cars and due to being a rear-wheel drive car, this Amis Car is capable to do drifts (you may find it doing so after the car is being "triggerred" to drive then dismounting from the Dance Pavilion or doing 16 laps around the Sportsfield). Other examples are the Svoboda and even the EDM 500LX.
  • Based on recent personal observation, the car actually does approximately 18 laps around the Sportsfield's running track.
  • This car was supposed to be a replacement for the Techno Victra. However, the said Victra was then brought back because of player feedback and despite the car often "killing players." Also during this time, the Ricochet was very clean (no rust at all), there was no visible driver/the windows are tinted with a "gray tint", the car played a muffled version of the techno track "Mustamies", the rims are similar to that of the "Satsuma Slot Wheels" or the rear wheels of the Svoboda/the wheels of the Ferndale as of an update in 2021, and the car will spawn parked right in front of Teimo's Shop right away every time and everyday after loading the game. Both cars remained in the game ever since.
  • The Ricochet and Svoboda will spawn on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in the "sunset-afternoon" and "early-morning."
  • The Ricochet is possibly a car from the Hayosiko car company, since the car is based on a 70s Toyota Car (specifically the 1972 Toyota Carina 1600 ST) and Hayosiko being based on Toyota.
  • The car's first music that it used to play was Mustamies then Max Cancer - 2 Bad. However, as of the Update:29.05.2020 or in fact the 16.3.2020 patch in experimental, Max Cancer - 2 Bad was replaced with a couple of new tracks (This also applies with the EDM 500LX in where this time, the Ricochet plays the exact same music as the EDM 500LX). Therefore and interestingly, the car now plays a variety of tracks rather than in the previous years of the game in where the car plays only one track then repeats it after it ends.
  • The music the car plays are named Kesa_utare, Keski_utare, Kiuas, Kiuas2, Klapi, Klapi3, Kuilu2, Nakutus_utare, Nessu_utare, Pyha_utare, and Transsi_utare. Sometimes, one of these tracks will be repeatedly playing consecutively.
  • The Ricochet has the exact same engine specs as older revisions of the Green Menace.
  • For some reason in older versions of the game, Jani can be killed, especially with the Gifu or Kekmet, when the car is off/isn't moving but now he can only be killed when the car is on/is moving.
  • Based on the year model (1972), the Ricochet is technically the oldest Amis Car in the game; the car is 23 years old.
  • Some highway cars can crash into the car especially when racing it with the Satsuma or Ferndale.
  • The yellow paintjob with the stripes is possibly the stock paintjob, because its real life counterpart, the Carina 1600 ST, had a similar factory paintjob.
  • The Ricochet is one of the only cars that have sun visors in the interior, the other car being the Satsuma AMP.

Related updates[]

  • Update:05.02.2017 - Added Jani as a unique driver and the rims are now replaced with rims that have 8 triangular holes.
  • Update:17.04.2017 - Added tow hooks which can be utilized by the player.
  • Update:04.09.2017 - Changed the texture of the car to a rustier one.
  • Update:23.12.2018 - Replaced rims with a 4 lug rusted variant.
  • Update:09.05.2019 - Added Suski as a passenger.
  • Update:09.05.2019 - The car doesn't spawn everyday and every time anymore, therefore the car has a specific time schedule for spawning (This also applies to the Svoboda). The music was replaced with another individual techno track (Max Cancer - 2 Bad), and license plates were added to the car.
  • Update:29.05.2020 - Max Cancer - 2 Bad was replaced with a variety of 11 new tracks. Therefore, the car now plays a variety of music rather than playing only one individual track.