Ricochet rear view

Rear quarter view.


The driver himself. Appears to be in his mid 20s/30s.

The Ricochet is one of the few AI cars in the game, now having a driver after the 05.02.2017 update. It can be seen outside of Teimo's Shop.

The car is modeled after a Toyota Carina 1600 ST with a front/rear bumper delete, black stripes, a front air dam, rear window louvers, and a large spoiler, with "Gommer Gobra RallyE" rims and a zebra styled interior, similar to some of the modifications the player can purchase for their Satsuma.

Before the February 5th 2017 update, the car played the same techno music as the green techno car. The player used to be able to lift the car up with the sledgehammer and flip it over, or push the vehicle towards the shop window so they can break into Teimo's Shop after the store closes so they can get inside and use the buttons to either unlock the doors or unlock the pumps so they can fuel their vehicle, instead of going into the store through the pub.

The car can be raced if the player gets into their Satsuma and starts moving or driving near the car and revving your Satsuma. The car will travel down the road it first appeared from. If it doesn't, you can insult the driver and his car and he will start powersliding around Teimo's Shop. When he's triggered, his path is a lap around Peräjärvi, then goes toward the highway loop and drives it in counterclockwise direction. When completing one lap of the highway, he drives to the Peräjärvi running track, completes two laps on it and returns to Teimo's shop via the southern part of the town.

After the April 17th 2017 update, towing hooks were added to the car, making it possible to tow the car to where ever the player desires, such as the lake or the train tracks.

Attacking the driver with punches causes him to punch back and knock out the player.


  • Even after the driver has been killed, Ricochet can sometimes still drive around and perform burnouts (seen on this video).


  • The voice-actor of the driver is a Finnish streamer and game beta-tester called StatusD.