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Ritoranta's house can be found by travelling east on the dirt road from Peräjärvi, and taking the next right, or by taking the boat from the dock at home and sailing directly north. The house is where the player may partake in a game of ventti. Ritoranta, who appears here from 20:00 to 08:00, must be present in order to play the game, though the house can be freely accessed even when there's nobody around.

A burned down building, a narrow dock, a garage, a firewood pile, and a toilet can be found just outside the house. The interior of the house consists of a cushion-less bench which can be used to sleep on, a wood stove, a set of kitchen cabinets, a small rug, and the ventti table itself. A non-portable lantern, playing cards and usable bottle of booze also appear when the dealer is present. Bottle of booze spawns and despawns with a dealer, but if you take it - it won't despawn and remain with you to drink it at any time. Though it's not persistent and will vanish on game reload.

Note: The firewood pile, toilet, bench, and stove can only be used once the house has been won by the player.

The Ruscko, a drivable vehicle, can be found in a shelter next to the road near the house.

The burnt ruins[]

If you've ever been so nice to visit your dear grandmother, she may have told you about the legend that revolves around the ventti house. She mentions how 'that thing' (Ritoranta) and his dad played cards, and that his dad won a game. The Pig then cursed the Father out of its sheer Anger, who later died in a house fire. The ruins next to the shack are evidence that the Story is true.

For Investigation, take the camera from the Cottage with you next time you Play Ventti, and take a picture of the ruins (Default key: MMB) around midnight. The ghost of the Pig's Father can be seen roaming around the ruins. It doesn't pose any harm to the Player, much like the Phantom of the Mansion.

See also: Paranormal activity

Living in the house[]

After winning the house you will be able to use it's facilities. Having one more place to live seems like a good idea initially, but ventti house has drawbacks that lowers it's usefulness as alternative base of operations.



  • No telephone access.
  • No lighting at all. Ritoranta won't leave you his lantern.
  • No TV to increase fatigue.
  • No sauna (but, then again, no fire hazard).
  • No access to a computer.
  • No access to mail box (Ritoranta's mailbox will stay there, though unusable).
  • Far from Grandma and Livaloinen.
  • You won't be able to play ventti anymore.
  • Due to some bugs, and the ground surface being grass in the game code, parking any car outside the house (except in the shed) is an absolute nightmare - it will slowly slide around like mad, so it's impossible to keep many cars parked nicely.


  • The driveway leading to the house has a deep dip which can destroy the player's car if hit at high speed.