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This article is about NPC driven boat. For the one docked in Kesselinperä, see Boat.

Plot route of boat guy's path

The boat (Fin.png: matkaava vene) can be seen roaming around in Peräjärvi. It is currently the only AI boat in the game. It is identical in appearance to the player's boat, but its engine is more powerful.

If the player goes near the boat, the pilot will turn and stare at the player for a moment. After that, it drives away fast.


Main article: Boat pilot

The pilot of the boat, who seems to be in his late 40s to early 50s, wears a navy-colored fisherman hat, is shirtless and wears the same sweatpants as many other NPCs, for example, Teimo. His hat has the text "kuha joku kala", which is a common Finnish fish joke. He cannot be killed.

He also stops at some moments. He can stop near the dance pavilion or near home.


  • The roaming boat was added to the game after the community suggested the lake needed to present more danger to the player.