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The 1958 RCO Ruscko is a driveable vehicle that can be found inside a shed at the ventti house. It is based on the Škoda Octavia Combi (Typ 703) from the 1960s.

The keys for it must be won by playing ventti after the player exceeds the 4,050 mk bet. The player has to risk the Satsuma and the House to win this car. If the player wins, they get to keep the Satsuma and the house as well as win the keys and ownership of the Ruscko. If the player loses the car bet, there is a chance to win it again, including the Satsuma, in the second all-or-nothing bet where the player can gain possession of the ventti house.

If the car is not won yet, it can also be started by using a screwdriver from either the spanner or ratchet set. Hijacking the Ruscko this way won't have any consequences as the dealer and police will ignore it.

The main purpose of the Ruscko is for the player to use it at the beginning of the game, where the player does not have access to fast, reliable, and some cargo space vehicles like the van, the truck, and the Satsuma. It is recommended to avoid traveling in the Ruscko if possible after getting the keys to the van since there is a very high chance of dying when spinning out and crashing in the Ruscko.

Unlike the other drivable cars, the Ruscko does not have a built-in radio. The back of the car also acts as a bed which the player character can sleep in.

The Ruscko is very worn down, with a lot of rust and dents; the grille is bent and one of the wheels is a replacement, that is evidenced by the fact that it's missing its hub cap. The wear is also present in the engine, as it often refuses to start and can sometimes stall right after starting it. The engine produces blue smoke from the exhaust, meaning the piston rings are damaged. The car also has a roof rack to store items unrestrained, which may lead to large items falling off.

When cargo is loaded either into the back or onto the roof rack, the car may have trouble getting started, stalling whenever you put it into gear. To mitigate this, you can either bind the clutch to an analog button or stick and slowly drop the clutch, as you would in a real car, or quickly tap the clutch button to achieve a similar effect. Once the car is rolling and the engine rpm is high enough, the engine will supply enough torque to avoid stalling.

Although the Ruscko seems to have some decent high-end power and is capable of going over 140 km/h, the lack of power at lower RPMs, the distance between the third and fourth gear, and the uneven roads of Alivieska makes it very difficult if not impossible to reach such speeds.

The vehicle has no license plates, which means that the player will be fined if they enter a police checkpoint and take the breathalyzer test. The car cannot be inspected (although it would be quite unlikely to pass even if it could be inspected).

Wasp nest[]

Ruscko is going over 140 km/h

As of the February 2018 update, The Ruscko will have a wasp nest underneath the dashboard on the passenger side. The player character is allergic to wasps and starting the car or being in close proximity to the Ruscko will cause the wasps to emerge and attack the player. A few stings will kill the player. The nest can be destroyed by towing or pushing the Ruscko into the lake with the Gifu or Kekmet. Once the nest is submerged after two seconds the wasps will have been eliminated. A fire extinguisher can also be used to spray the nest and kill wayward wasps, though this option is much riskier, and should be done at night when the wasps are dormant.

Faults and important notes[]

  • The Ruscko has faulty electrics and loose wires, which causes its headlights to flicker when driving over bumps.
  • Only the left headlight's high beam is working.
  • The suspension can be heard creaking while going over uneven terrain.
  • The Ruscko has issues idling and can not idle properly.
  • If you use the screwdriver to start the Ruscko, the horn will turn on when the car shakes.
  • If you want to tow this car with the Kekmet to dump it in the water, be careful, because the horn can be turned on and you need to kill the wasps to stop the horn.
  • The Ruscko's starter is in bad condition and the engine only starts after many attempts.
  • The wipers will rarely work after pressing it because the spring-loaded button is worn out.
  • The windscreen wiper mechanism has trouble operating correctly, causing the driver's side wiper to get stuck often.
  • You cannot roll up or down the window of the right door, as the crank is missing.
  • Coolant might smoke out when engine temperature reaches about 100°C, similar to Satsuma. It also shuts off.
  • Suski will refuse to get in Ruscko. (For obvious reasons)

Driving Tips[]

  • The Ruscko has no seatbelts, as such, try to drive it at slower speeds to prevent the car from spinning out and crashing, which often results in death. It's rear suspension is a swing axle, meaning that it is very easy to spin out when going over bumps too fast. Therefore, it is recommended to wear a helmet while driving to increase the chance of survival when crashing.
  • Once you get the Ruscko, drive to the shop to refuel. If you want to drive home, prepare a jerry can to refuel if you are low on fuel. If you don't use the jerry can, the Ruscko will run out of fuel and you will be stranded. You can always push the Ruscko back home or get your cousin to tow it.
  • The 4th gear has a long gear ratio. Gearing it at 120 km/h will cause the car to lose speed.


Ruscko's engine

  • If the Ruscko is on uneven terrain, the fuel gauge will move to indicate slightly fuller or emptier levels, depending on the orientation. This is due to the ball float in the fuel tank moving as the fuel inside the tank changes depth.
  • The exhaust from the Ruscko is black and blue which indicates the piston rings are very worn and the blackness means the Ruscko is unable to burn all of the fuel entering the combustion chamber.
  • The Ruscko was very likely imported from Germany to Finland. This is evidenced by the fact the gauges are written in German.
  • The wheel on the front passenger side is likely a spare, since it doesn't have a hubcap and it isn't a white wall tire like the others are.
  • Although this Ruscko is a 1958 model, it was actually produced later in 1961.
  • Like every speedometer in the game, the speedometer in this car is inaccurate. The gauge is 5 km/h slower than the real speed of the vehicle, so if the speedo shows 60 km/h, you're actually going about 65 km/h in reality.
  • It takes 20 seconds to exceed 100 km/h with it.
  • "Ruscko" is a play on "Rusko", which means "Russia" in Czech.
  • Ruscko is faster than it's real life counterpart, the Octavia Combi's top speed was 115 km/h, and Ruscko's top speed is 126 km/h, most likely due to all the weight lost from the corroded components.
  • Ruscko doesn't have a choke, despite its real life counterpart having it. This might be an oversight by the developer, but more likely it was not included for gameplay reasons.