Rykipohja harbours the airfield, landfill site and dirt track.

There are two sheds and a large building in Rykipohja, and there is one single man in the airfield, to timestamp your drag results. The airfield is commonly used as a 1/4 mile drag strip. The surrounding area is great for testing and tuning your car, with the added bonus of a landfill site to collect your lost (de-spawned) parts. There are also two of the three junk cars located in Rykipohja, but the precise locations of them are in a different article.

The dirt roads in Rykipohja are some of the most treacherous around the lake, with ample banks and dips to give your car's suspension a good thrashing if you stray from the thin tracks. Be cautious of adversely cambered turns and raised straights.