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This article is about Satsumas that could be seen driving around the highway in older builds of game. For other ones, see Satsuma (disambiguation).

The highway satsuma could be found traveling the highway in older builds of the game, it was a placeholder for the now infamous highway Victras and Pölsas. It was a bare chassis of a Satsuma with a glowing white mass where the headlights would go, along with the rusty stock wheels screwed onto a non-existent suspension.

Upon loading the game, 4 of them spawn. Every car's color is randomized on the game load. Their colors are chosen randomly from the stock color palette as well as the spray paint palette.

However, these old malaise-era frames on wheels were scrapped in the BUILD 178 27.02.2016 update, being replaced by the Victras and Pölsas that can be seen on the highway today.

There was also a similar vehicle that appeared by pressing backspace and typing "race" in the console. It would appear driving on the dirt track. It looks the same but has no headlights.


  • The wheels didn't cast shadows, as the tires aren't real, WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP.