Satsuma upgrades

Boxes containing upgrade parts at Teimo's Shop.

If you desire, you can upgrade your Satsuma with aftermarket parts, which you order from the AMIS AUTO magazine located in your garage at home. The only exceptions are the long coil springs that can be found at Fleetari's junkyard, tires, and the roll cage that can be installed by Fleetari.

Ordering itemsEdit

Open the Amis Auto magazine located in your garage. Flip through the pages choosing the parts you want, then click on the "TILAA NYT" button. This will create an envelope. After that, go to Teimo's Shop and drop the letter to the post box, which is located next to the door. Wait until you receive a call from Teimo to notify you for your order.

Wheel rim rack

Some of the different rims you can order by mail

Picking up orderEdit

After the phone call from Teimo, you should go to the store and pick up your order. When you get into the store, pay (left mouse button) the post paper on the counter. You can pay the order at night as well. Your parts will be located to the docking bay, which is located to the left of the shop. Similar to grocery bags, the parts will pop out of the cardboard boxes if you save.

AMIS AUTO aftermarket partsEdit

Name Price (mk) Replaces original? Notes
Front spoiler 249 No Can be painted separately
Duck tail spoiler 199 No Can be painted separately
Rear wing 329 No Can be painted separately
Fiberglass hood 2,245 Yes Attached via pins. Must be removed completely to access engine bay.
Fender flare and front lip 1,195 No Can be painted separately
Window grille (louvres) 219 No Reduces rear window visibility
Wide steel rims 1,205 Yes -
Octo rims 1,895 Yes -
Hayosiko rims 1,975 Yes -
Rally rims 2,950 Yes Does not require rally tyres.
Slot rims 1,950 Yes -
Spoke rims 2,200 Yes -
Turbine rims 2,310 Yes -
Racing rims 2,545 Yes -
Sport steering wheel 349 Yes Blocks player's view of dials
Custom dashboard covers 295 No -
Custom seat covers 139 No Stock seats only
Custom steering wheel covers 49 No Stock wheel only
Air/fuel mixture gauge 549 No Helps you adjust the carburators
Gauges for oil, cooling and charge 299 No Good for troubleshooting
Racing tachometer 829 No Can adjust shift light setting via mouse wheel when installed; partially blocks speedometer if attached to the steering column
Subwoofers 695 No Requires CD player
CD player 1,395 Yes Changing channels is faster than the stock radio
Steel headers 649 Yes Requires racing exhaust & muffler
Racing exhaust 429 Yes Requires steel headers & racing muffler
Racing muffler 169 Yes Requires steel headers & racing exhaust
Twin carburators 1,750 Yes Will need tuning, see this guide
Racing flywheel 1,495 Yes Lowers the engine inertia
Racing radiator 1,215 Yes Much better cooling than default radiator
Racing harness 645 Yes Required for the rally. Requires bucket seats and roll cage, greatly decreases chance of dying in a crash.
Bucket seats 5,095 Yes Required for the rally
Rally steering wheel 895 Yes Yellow stripe on top helps keep track of wheel center
Black window wrap 299 No Used on the rear windows to tint them. Unlimited use.
Racing carburators 7,250 Yes Does not require an air filter
N2O kit 5,145 No Only works with the racing carburator
Roll cage 5,500 Yes Replaces the rear seats, can be bought at Fleetari Repair Shop, greatly decreases chance of dying when flipping the car.
Rally suspension kit 9,550 Yes Increases the car's height and handling.