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Boxes containing upgrade parts at Teimo's shop.

If one desires, they can upgrade their Satsuma with aftermarket parts, which they can order from the AMIS AUTO magazine located in the garage at home. The only exceptions are the long coil springs, and the GT parts: rocker cover GT, grille GT, center console GT, and steering wheel GT. Tires can be fitted onto rims (old or new) and the roll cage can be installed by Fleetari.

Ordering items[]

The Amis Auto magazine is located in the garage. Parts can be chosen by flipping through the pages and selecting them with LMB. Selected items appear on the right-hand side. To cancel an item that has been selected, one can click LMB on it on the list and it will be removed from the order. Clicking on the "TILAA NYT" button will finish the order list. This will create an envelope, which can be put in the post box. After one or two days, Teimo will call about the post order arriving, however, one does not need to receive a phone call to pay for and to collect the package.

Some of the different rims you can order by mail

Picking up order[]

After the phone call from Teimo, the order is ready for pickup. The post order can be paid by pressing LMB. One cannot pay the order and get the parts outside of store opening hours. Parts will spawn outside on the loading bay area, which is to the left of the front door and to the right of the fuel pumps. The packages will all arrive in cardboard boxes. Similar to how shopping bags behave, the package can be opened by pressing F. The cardboard will despawn after a few seconds. The items will automatically be opened if the player was to save the game.

Aftermarket components[]

Name Price (mk) Replaces original? From catalogue? Improves


Fail inspection? Notes
Front spoiler 249 No Yes No No Can be painted separately
Duck tail spoiler 199 No Yes No No Can be painted separately
Rear wing 329 No Yes No No Can be painted separately
Fiberglass hood 2,245 Yes Yes Yes No Attached via pins. Must be removed completely to access engine bay. Reduces the overall mass of the vehicle and increases airflow into the engine, also allowing the vehicle to have better cooling capabilities.
Fender flare and front lip 1,195 No Yes No No Can be painted separately
Window grille (louvres) 219 No Yes No No Reduces rear window visibility
Wide steel rims 1,205 Yes Yes No No -
Octo rims 1,895 Yes Yes No No -
Hayosiko rims 1,975 Yes Yes No No -
Rally rims 2,950 Yes Yes TBC No Best rims for Rally tyres, but not necessary.
Slot rims 1,950 Yes Yes No No -
Spoke rims 2,200 Yes Yes No No -
Turbine rims 2,310 Yes Yes No No -
Racing rims 2,545 Yes Yes No No -
Sport steering wheel 349 Yes Yes No No Looks better than the stock wheel, but makes viewing the dials and dashboard equipment difficult.
Custom dashboard covers 295 No Blue covers, No.

Other patterns, Yes.

No No Installing the Pink dashboard cover will unlock the 'Pimped!' achievement and Suski may also request Leopard dashboard cover.
Custom seat covers 139 No Blue covers, No.

Other patterns, Yes.

No No Cannot be applied to aftermarket bucket seats.
Custom steering wheel covers 49 No Blue covers, No.

Other patterns, Yes.

No No Cannot be applied to aftermarket steering wheels.
Air/fuel mixture gauge 549 No Yes No No Makes it far easier to tune the vehicle's carburator.
Gauges for oil, cooling and charge 299 No Yes No No Allows you to see the current water pressure, oil pressure and the state of the battery.
Racing tachometer 829 No Yes No No Can adjust shift light setting via mouse wheel when installed; Makes it difficult to see the speedometer if it is installed on the steering column.
Subwoofers 695 No Yes No No Requires CD player. May be requested by Suski.
CD player 1,395 Yes Yes No No Changing channels is faster than the stock radio

Also, as the name suggests, it can play CDs, think of it as an ad-less Toiveradio.

Steel headers 649 Yes Yes Yes Yes Requires racing exhaust & muffler. Will not allow you to pass the inspection. Decreases back pressure.
Racing exhaust 429 Yes Yes Yes Yes Requires steel headers & racing muffler. Will not allow you to pass the inspection. Decreases back pressure.
Racing muffler 169 Yes Yes Yes Yes Requires steel headers & racing exhaust. Will not allow you to pass the inspection. Decreases back pressure.
Twin carburators 1,750 Yes Yes Yes No Will need tuning, see this guide for basics. See the tuning page for advanced performance/economy guidance.
Racing flywheel 1,495 Yes Yes Yes No Lowers the engine inertia, greatly increases acceleration.
Racing radiator 1,215 Yes Yes Yes No Greatly improves the engine's ability to cool itself. Still requires coolant.
Racing harness 645 Yes Yes No No Required to participate in the rally. Requires bucket seats and roll cage, greatly decreases chance of dying in a crash.
Bucket seats 5,095 Yes Yes TBC No Required for the rally. May reduce the overall mass of the vehicle, to be confirmed.
Rally steering wheel 895 Yes Yes No Yes Ideal for rally racing, but is not necessary. The yellow strip indicated the middle of the wheel, making it easy to adjust steering on the move.
Black window wrap 299 No Yes No No Used on the rear windows to tint them. Unlimited use. May be requested by Suski.
Racing carburators 7,250 Yes Yes Yes Yes Must be carefully tuned with four separate screws. Increases rate of wear on the engine. Is required in order to use the N20 boost. See tuning for advanced guidence on performance/economy.
N2O kit 5,145 No Yes Yes Yes Only works with the racing carburator. Must be refilled by Fleetari when you use all of your N20. Allows you to give your vehicle a 'boost' in speed with T. Can be tuned, see tuning.
Roll cage 5,500 Yes No No No Replaces the rear seats. Must be installed by Fleetari at the Fleetari Repair Shop, greatly decreases chance of dying when flipping the car. Can be uninstalled for a price.
Rally suspension kit 9,550 Yes Yes No No Increases the car's height and handling. Doesn't directly increase performace, but makes the dirt roads easier to drive. Not recommended for drag racing.
Long Coil Springs Free Yes No No Yes Significantly increases the rear height of the car. Makes the handling of the vehicle harder.
GT shifting console, rims and steering wheel Free Yes No No No Can be found at a random location around the map next to a burnt-out Satsuma.