This article is about the singular sausages. For the package, see Sausages.

Sausages are items which can be obtained from sausage packs. They can be eaten raw or grilled; grilling them first makes them decrease stress, and lowers hunger slightly more. Sausage packs can be opened by placing them on the ball grill, brick grill, electric stove, or wood stove. Four sausages should pop out. As with all other food items, sausages can be eaten by pressing F.

As with other meats, grilling sausages in flames causes them to become burnt; use embers instead. It takes about one minute for a sausage to become grilled; leaving them on the grill for too long will also cause them to become burnt. Unlike other meats, sausages do not become rotten after a certain amount of time.

Setting 2 should be used when cooking sausages on the stove; it will take about four minutes for the cooktop to heat up before the sausages can be cooked. Higher stove settings will cause the sausages to become burnt.

Note: Like firewood, individual sausages will disappear when reloading the game.