This article is about the tanks themselves. For the job, see Pumping septic tanks.

Septic tanks are a component of septic systems, which are used for partial sewage treatment and disposal when it's impossible to connect to main sewage pipes.

Partially treated sludge accumulates in the tanks over time. Because of this, they need to be emptied or pumped periodically, which is one of the player's possible jobs, since they are in possession of a Gifu, a septic vacuum truck.

The player can actually fall into the septic tank and drown, respawning at the graveyard afterwards if permadeath is turned off. Be careful not to walk over or into the septic tank while working around it.


Peräjärvi map with locations

Currently there are five septic tanks that the player can empty and get paid for doing so, they can be found labelled on this map. Here is a list of all their locations:

  • One at the house just north of the Kesselinperä dirt crossroads.
  • Two in Loppe; one just south, and one just west of Fleetari Repair Shop.
  • Two in Peräjärvi; one opposite the school building, the first house on the left when entering Peräjärvi via the dirt roads, and one next to the running track, by the beach.


  • Audio files for a sixth septic tank owner call can be found in the game assets, though only five septic tanks are currently present in the game. It could have something to do with the septic tank that might have two callers: the owner and the owner's son. There might also be a sixth septic tank planned to be added to the game.