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Sirkka Kesseli is the player character's grandmother. She is a character who tells stories about the people and locations of Alivieska. After listening to her ramblings for long enough she will hand the player some money, the amount depending on if the player responds properly to her ramblings by pressing K. If you are also bringing groceries she will pay you based on how much food the player brings to her. Her house is located just east of the southernmost railroad crossing.

Sirkka will be present at the house every day from 08:00 to 16:00 as long as the weather is clear. She has been alive for at least 78 years, as she says she has spent 78 summers in Finland, though this could just mean independent Finland. She knows many myths and legends, one being the ventti dealer cursing his father when he lost to his father in a game of cards, where he later died in a fire.

While most of the dialogue with her is about uninteresting things like how to be a better person, she is the number one source of lore for the game, and reveals interesting facts such as Pena being the player character's cousin.

Sirkka can call you at 6AM on Sunday for you to take her to the church, then you can unlock an achievement "Kela-Taxi" but you won't get any money. Sirkka will permanently die if she gets hit by any moving vehicle, and you will not be able to complete her jobs.


  • She's one of the only female characters in My Summer Car, the others being the player character's mother who is briefly seen in the intro, old lady in bus, Suski, as well as a couple of female dancers at the dance pavilion; although one of the dancers looks very similar to Sirkka, suggesting she might take part in the dances.
  • Sirkka is the mother of Toivo Kesseli and the player's mother.
  • Sirkka's late husband was named Valto. He fought in the Second World War and after returning home started developing problems with alcohol before succumbing from it.
  • There seems to be an unlimited supply of coffee for the player on her table.
  • She drinks her coffee in the old-timey way of pouring it on to a saucer first to let it cool down more efficiently.
  • Flipping her off results in no reaction. (But why would you do that?)