This article is about paint spray cans. For the mosquito repellent, see Mosquito spray.

The spray cans are items that can be used to repaint Satsuma and its various parts. The cans must be bought from Teimo's Shop, where three of each 13 colours are sold for 29 mk each, or 1,131 mk total. Once depleted, the spray cans will remain in the game world until they are thrown into the garbage disposal pit at the landfill site. Ten parts can be painted with a single spray can.

The spray cans will work on the Satsuma's body panels, some car parts, wheel rims, and most cosmetic aftermarket parts such as spoilers and fender extensions. Painting the body panels will not remove the rust; it will paint over it creating dull marks where the rust is underneath. To remove the rust, select the option from Fleetari Repair Shop.

The roll cage can also be painted with the spray cans, but finding a spot for it might be tricky. Try to position the camera inside the bars, and apply the paint once the yellow "Roll cage" text appears at the bottom of the screen. The easiest spot is probably the section of horizontal bar between the seats.

Different coloursEdit

There are 13 different colours available. Note that the cap colours may not be fully representative of what the colour actually is.

White Black Red
Blue Brown Orange
Yellow Green Light blue
Grey Pink Slate
Matte black
Paintable parts
Doors Fenders Hood
Door left Fender left Hood
Bootlid Rims Subwoofer panel
Bootlid Steel rim Subwoofer panel
Block Rocker cover Airfilter
Block Rocker cover Airfilter
Crankshaft pulley Fiberglass hood Window grille
Crankshaft pulley Fiberglass hood Window grille
Fender flares Fender flare spoiler Front spoiler
Fender flare Fender flare spoiler Front spoiler
Rear spoiler Wing spoiler Grille GT
Rear spoiler Rear spoiler2 Grille GT


  • Prior to 30 April 2018, the spray cans could be found on the garage table at the start of the game, and could be used indefinitely.