The suitcase is an item that can be found in the northern part of the map once Jokke has revealed that he's a millionaire while giving him a ride home for the 5th time. The suitcase can be opened by pressing F while looking at it, revealing around 2,000,000 mk.

There are drawbacks to this hefty amount of money, though: the whole sum cannot be taken out at once, but rather at a rate of 100 mk per click; and, more importantly, once the player has woken upsleeping at home, Jokke will be standing at the doorway with an ax, ready to murder the player.

Suitcase locationsEdit

The suitcase spawns randomly at one of 13[1] different spawn points once Jokke has been taken home after he has told the player about the lottery. The spawn points are marked with an X on the map below:

Suitcase locations
Note: The suitcase can be hard to find if it spawns in the swamp, as it won't be visible on the surface.
  1. Possibly more, but 13 points have been confirmed.