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This article is about Petteri's car. For other Svobodas, see Svoboda (disambiguation).

The 1979 RCO Svoboda 180 is a vehicle based on the Škoda 105 and has a rusted, beaten up appearance. It has a checkered roof, a matte black hood, a red spoiler, a leopard themed interior, and black rear rims. The dashboard is a stretched texture of a radio frequency scale. The Svoboda has a 5-Speed manual transmission with rear-wheel drive. After an update, its front rims have 8 holes and are attached on to four-lugged brakes.

The driver, named Petteri wears a blue shirt with the text "VIIVALLE? JA JÄÄ.", a red Amis Auto cap, blue track pants with a white stripe and grey sneakers. Triggering the Svoboda to race is the same as with Ricochet. The same goes for the path and performance.

A box containing booze bottles can be found on the backseat of the car. Multiple bottles can be taken out of it by pressing F while looking at the box, and any bottles that are taken out will remain in the game world when saving the game. The box can only be interacted with if Petteri is dead.

An orange Svoboda can be found beside the right wall of Fleetari repair shop and another one will spawn at the highway too.


  • Svoboda means "Freedom" in many slavic languages.
  • If the player gets close enough and attempts to punch the driver, then the driver will punch back and knock the player out.
  • Petteri is based on NPH95, a pre-Steam release beta tester.
  • The car can sometimes be seen crashed around the world, with blood all over the car, and Petteri dead inside.
  • Svoboda is also a name of an album made by a Finnish band called Popeda.
  • Its engine sound might be heard while loading a save game, right after the menu theme stops.
  • The speedometer goes from 76 to 90, but it's probably because it's a reused or discarded texture for a radio.
  • Unlike the Ricochet, Techno Victra, and even the EDM 500LX, this car does NOT "blast" techno music ever since this car was added. Instead it has a very loud exhaust sound which can be heard from far away.
  • Svoboda is one of the only cars with the RR (Rear engine, Real wheel drive) layout. The other cars are the Fittan and the Bus.
  • This is the 3rd Amis Car to be added into the game. The first being the Techno Victra, the second being the Ricochet, and even the EDM 500LX being the 4th. This is the second Amis Car to spawn in front of Teimo's Shop. (The first being the Ricochet.)
  • This is the second Amis Car to be a four-door sedan. The first being the Techno Victra and even the EDM 500LX being the 3rd.
  • Just like most of the other Amis Cars and due to being a rear-wheel drive car, this Amis Car is capable to do drifts (you may find it doing so after the car is being "triggerred" to drive then dismounting from the Dance Pavilion or doing 16 laps around the Sportsfield). Other examples are the Ricochet and even the EDM 500LX.