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This article is about the abandoned variant of Svoboda. For other variants, see Svoboda (disambiguation).

On the south side of Fleetari's repair shop in Alivieska, next to its outhouse, players can locate a junked RCO Svoboda 180 prop. The car appears to be a combination of two other variants of the Svoboda, featuring the stock yellow body of the Svoboda on the highway, and mismatching wheels and uneven suspension distribution partially based on Petteri's Svoboda.

Considering the long coil springs can be found nearby and the state of the car, it can be assumed this Svoboda had suspension damage and the player can take the removed coils. Although the car is owned by Leif, he doesn't mind the player taking its coils...or he doesn't know.

Closeup of the car's rear-wheel showing a collapsed rear suspension.