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Teimo's shop (Fin.png: Teimon kauppa) is the main shop of the Peräjärvi urban area and is, as the name suggests, owned by Teimo. It can be used by the player to purchase food and drinks, fuel, and other items, such as ingredients to brew kilju. A slot machine can also be found inside. The shop is open from 10:00 to 20:00 on every day except Sundays.

The fuel pumps outside of Teimo's shop.

Teimo's shop has three fuel pumps: a gasoline pump (which is used for the Satsuma, Ferndale, and Ruscko), a diesel pump (which is used for the Gifu, Kekmet, and Hayosiko) and a fuel oil pump (which is illegal for highway use but can power the three diesel vehicles mentioned). The fuel can be paid inside the store by clicking on the cash register. Failure to pay for the fuel will result in Teimo angrily calling on the phone at home.

In addition, as the shop serves as the main post office of the peräjärvi area, the post box can be used to mail the envelope for ordering car parts and the computer, which can be picked up after receiving a call from Teimo on the telephone at the player's house. The payment slip spawns on the counter next to Teimo. After paying, the packages will appear outside on the loading dock, next to the pumps.

Pub Nappo is in the same building as Teimo's shop is in. The pub is open from 20:00 to 02:00. After 02:00, Teimo will ride his bike back home and will return to the store before it opens again at 10:00.

The shop building depicts a typical Finnish 1950s to 1960s building with the siding made of sheets of "Mineriitti", an asbestos-concrete mixture. Teimon Kauppa seems to be inspired by Sepon Kauppa, located in Yttilä, Köyliö, Southwestern Finland.

The stylized "H" logo of the H-group chain of shops such as Teimo's shop is partly reminiscent of the "T" logo of Finnish Tuko/T-kauppa chain, which disappeared from the market in the late 1990s.

If a player is stuck inside the shop or the pub, they can press the buttons behind the shop's counter to open both shop and the pub's doors.

Driving to the shop[]

To reach the shop, turn left at the first three way junction at the end of the dirt road leading to the player's house, just after the railroad tracks. Follow the dirt road down to a four way intersection and turn right, a paved road (the highway) should now be visible. Turn left and enter onto the highway. After that, take the fourth left-hand side exit to reach Peräjärvi (the second exit leads to Loppe, Fleetari repair shop), the shop is the first building on the left (You should be able to see the fuel pumps).

Warning: There could be a police checkpoint on the highway. If there is, pull up and take the breathalyzer test. Make sure to also drive within the speed limit (80 km/h for van and truck, 100km/h for Satsuma, Ruscko and Ferndale), and to always wear a seatbelt. When driving with the moped, make sure to wear the helmet when passing the policeman with the Radar gun. If you disobey or break any rules, you will be fined, which can prove to make your early game very difficult.

There are other ways to get to the shop by driving, but the route above is the fastest. The entire road map of Alivieska can be found here.

The boat can also be used to reach the shop. It's safe, but it needs two-stroke fuel to run. At the start of the game, it has a bit of fuel to get to the shop. The downside is that buying more than one thing from the shop will require multiple round trips from the Peräjärvi dock to the shop. Taking the moped on the boat could make this less laborious, though it massively weighs down the boat. This can be worked around by holding the moped while boating. It can be hard to navigate at night or during bad weather.


The products in Teimo's shop will reset on Thursdays; any purchased item will not be replenished until then. The store will not restock products if the player is in Peräjärvi during Wednesday 23:59 to Thursday 00:00.

You should not save the game on Wednesday from 8:00 pm to 12:00 am, doing so will not allow the goods to be restocked.

Hardware shelf clockwise from top: fire extinguishers, spray cans, brake fluid, motor oil, two stroke fuel, coolant, batteries, oil filters, spark plug boxes, Suomi styled dashboard, seat and steering wheel covers.

Item Price (mk) Stock
Sausages 10.95 12
Macaron box 11.95 8
Pizza 9.95 6
Potato chips 14.95 8
Beer case 149 5
Milk 5.5 8
Yeast 8.95 8
Sugar 6.95 9
Juice concentrate 12.95 6
Mosquito spray 32.95 6
Alternator belt 295 3
Brake and clutch fluid 35 5
Motor oil 149 5
Coolant 195 4
Two-stroke fuel 99 5
Fire extinguisher 249 3
Cigarettes 13.95 9
Battery 495 4
Oil filter 59 4
Spark plug box 99 5
Spray can 29 39
Ground coffee 19.95 9
Grill charcoal 18.5 4
Suomi dash cover 299 1
Suomi seat cover 169 1
Suomi wheel cover 79 1

Clearing out the entire shop would cost 10,199.95 mk (not including breaking the window).

An order can be cancelled by clicking RMB on the cash register, the items will be returned. This cannot be done for fuel or items already spent.


  • The letter "A" in the "Kauppa" sign is torn. The sign now reads "Teimon Kuppa" which is Finnish for "Teimo's Syphilis".
  • Teimo's shop is similar to the abandoned Sepon kauppa (Seppo's shop 61°06'40"N 22°22'35"E · 49,1 m) which is found in the village of Yttilä, in the Satakunta region.
  • Under the shop counter are two switches. The upper one controls the fuel pumps and the lower one opens the door. Before the 19 December 2016 update, the switches were located in the back room.
  • Outside the shop, there's often Jani's yellow two-door sports car. The car was added in the 19 December 2016 update and was supposed to replace the green techno car. After many players revolted, they were both kept in.
  • Teimo has a telephone between the shop and the pub. He calls the player when he has stolen fuel or a delivery has arrived.