Johannes Rojola (born 1982), also known as ToplessGun on Steam and RoyalJohnLove on YouTube is the developer of My Summer Car. Before he created the game, he specialized in making and performing music, such as Marjatta by KTROPR that can be found on YouTube, either on his channel or by searching those by his name. He made videos about older video games, mainly about old computers and the Philips CD-i console. He also played the lead part in a popular Finnish mockumentary on old Commodore 64 sports games.


A snapshot of ToplessGun from a comedic mockumentary on sports games

He is also known for his very funny English accent, which you can see in his video showcasing an older version of the game.
(11) My Summer Car- What is it all about!

(11) My Summer Car- What is it all about!

He still has a website on which he claims to be a music artist:

Rojola created the game with the help of his female partner, who has done many of the textures for the game, such as the house interiors and products at the store. His friends have also provided some of the soundtrack and voicing for the different characters.

Some of Rojola's music can also be found on Press "Lataa MP3" to play one of them.

Johannes Rojola also appeared with his friend Rami Airola in various short films. Some of them are in English and you can see them on Rami's channel simply called "Airola".

Rojola and Airola

Rojola (on the left) and Airola (Right)

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