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The content on this update page has been copied from the My Summer Car Steam page and is copyrighted by Amistech Games.

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And here we go again! :D

-Fixed a bug with some vehicles getting stuck in ground upon loading
-Fixed a bug with looping Farmer speech while Player not being around
-Player now gets out of Jail between hours 06-18 instead middle of the night
-If Player passes out from drunkenness while having active Jail sentence he is transported back to Jail
-Fixed bug with dying sentenced Player (non-mortal mode) spawning back to Graveyard instead of Jail
-Getting ten(10) or more days worth of Jail sentence grants ugly tattoos to Player hands
-Fixed bug not being able to dispose used car Light Bulbs
-Player can now open the Arrest Warrant and see the details of crimes committed
-Fixed bug with Bus not being able to run over roaming pedestrians
-Fixed bug with Satsuma, Gifu and Ruscko where sleeping broke the Driving Mode
-Fixed looping audio bug with Suski
-Fixed issue with Kuski not being able to keep up the provoked speeding
-Increased power of Ferndale
-Fixed Player money rounding error
-Fixed graphical glitch with car mirrors
-Increased mosquito sound but made it appear only during evening/night time
-Fixed bug with Block purchase at repair shop
-Fixed bug with Police sometimes not de-spawning after being released from Jail
-Fixed bug with Player getting stuck in sitting position when released from Jail
-Lowered Ferndale crawl speed
-Running Satsuma engine lean now increases engine temperature
-Attempt to fix issue with detached front spoiler getting stuck inside the car
-Moved Rally staging line closer to the Start line
-Fixed issue with Bus Driver not quitting his job
-Angled down dirt road bridge guardrail endings
-Updated Steamworks.NET wrapper
-Improved bolt pickup precision
-Added vehicle speed check so that pedestrians hitting stationary vehicle is not considered a crime
-Grandma might now want to get a ride to the church
-Added more missing sound effects
-Changed way how breathalyser test is given
-Fixed tax evasion loophole when attaching towing rope from Tractor to Tractor
-Fixed issue with mail boxes sometimes stopping accepting adverts
-Possible fix for missing Battery negative terminal, note that if your negative/ground wire is missing, you need to rewire it
-Fixed bug with Alpha 3 key dropping items in hand
-Fixed bug with moped infinite reverse speed
-Made Ruscko worse, but also fixed the temperature gauge
-Fixed various bugs
-You might now die from urinating into wrong places
-Fixed issue with Fuel Oil purchase not resetting
-Jokke won't pay for the ride if you leave the drop-off point

Have fun!