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-Fixed issue with previous jail data not resetting properly when taking a new game
-Added another amis car to race around Peräjärvi[sic] roads
-Made amis cars speeds faster at highway
-Fixed fuel tank's fuel line nut being accessible with ratchet
-Fixed money owner from spawning at certain locations
-Changed the way how chasing police cars tailgate the player
-Fish can be now grilled in fire and eaten, unprepared fish goes rotten
-Added shower, sauna does not clean you any more but swimming does
-Added stress
-Added smoking
-Changed system how hand usage is checked to avoid visual mutation glitches
-Prevented pissing while driving a vehicle
-Fixed issue with engine not losing its oil in case of major Block or Oilpan damage
-Added three achievements
-Added high-performance Racing Carburettors
-Adjusted choke
-Added N2O kit (Nitrous system)
-Optimized Bolt materials, let us know if there are hidden or odd coloured bolts
-Changes in control assignments, you might need to RE-BIND YOUR CONTROLS
-Added engine shake animation
-Added symptom for badly worn Crankshaft, engine shakes a lot and power is lost
-Added symptom for badly worn Head gasket, engine will spit out some steam and lose coolant
-Infamous Stuck In Kitchen glitch should be fixed now
-Shortened the refueling distance from the pumps