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-New version of the "Push" system, should work better while being less glitchy (or not!)
-Fixed issue where player was at risk of dying after riding with the drunk driver
-Fixed issue where yellow car driver did not begin to drive
-Fixed occasional double pricing of bought fuel
-Force feedback should work for all vehicles now
-Ability to brew Kilju and use Juice cans as storing containers
-Ability to sell Kilju for the drunk lifter when he is at home
-Drunk lifter now tells you his life story when you are giving him a ride
-Player can now sleep on Satsuma rear seat
-Added Intro
-Swamp area makes your vehicles stuck now
-Alternator and Oil filter cannot be moved by hand if Tool-mode is selected
-Adjusted timing of Fleetari calling about his car
-Fixed issue with Fleetari services repair time
-Added longer rear coil springs as an option
-Fixed bug where rear trail arms could be detached while wheels stayed in place
-Fixed bug with some of the fluid indicators getting stuck when closing the caps
-Added customizable rear window sticker
-Fixed possible bus spawning issue
-Disabling HUD (F2) now also disables the crosshair
-When passing out at the cottage island, player will wake up at the cottage
-Fixed bug where player was able to throttle and adjust mixture with detached carburettor
-Player can now climb back on to the boat