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WARNING 1: Valve adjustments have changed, be careful not to rev the car until you or Fleetari has fixed it!
WARNING 2: Satsuma 3d model has changed, so delete your meshsave.txt file to avoid graphical glitches
-Fixed issue (again) with in-game clock not working correctly when sleeping
-Fixed issue with front wheel alignment resetting into incorrect angle upon every game load
-Fixed issue with Teimo sometimes heading back to home right after opening the store
-Fixed several bugs with tires when they were replaced by Fleetari while installed to the car
-Car should now slide less when on top of a Floor Jack
-Fixed issue with battery terminals self-tightening the bolts in some cases
-Fixed FPS slowdown issue when having random objects under Satsuma wheels
-Fixed free fuelling exploit
-Increased useful battery life when running engine without working Alternator
-Highway traffic is now more randomized
-Decreased possibility of AI car veering off to oncoming lane towards Player
-Added Fuel Oil pump to Teimo store, note that it is in most cases illegal to use Fuel Oil as Diesel alternative
-Fuel prices are now subject to change
-Player does not die from fatigue anymore, instead getting sleepy or getting black outs (shake mouse to wake up from blackout)
-Added new grilling system, grilling with open fire makes food burn, so grill on embers instead
-Added Brick Grill (uses Firewood) to Cottage and moveable Ball Grill (uses Charcoals)
-Dead moose can be now chopped into meat chunks with Axe
-Moose meat can be eaten after it has been grilled, similarly to fish
-Moose travel paths are now much more randomized
-Added garbage barrel to burn trash
-Added alternative mounting point for the Tachometer on top of the Dashboard
-Added Satsuma charge warning light to indicate if Alternator is not charging properly
-Adjusted Satsuma valve settings, you might need to re-adjust valves or make Fleetari do it
-Made Satsuma valve adjust more precise with smaller tolerances and decreased loose play at both ends
-Adjusted Satsuma engine heat output, overheats easier now
-Satsuma Grille and Hood options now affects engine air flow cooling efficiency
-Getting suspension damage from crashing might now also cause tire puncture
-Improved both Truck and Tractor Parking Brake systems
-Added Beacon light to Truck
-Added Saturday night "dance" and related fist fight mechanics
-Grandma can now call about food deliveries
-Fixed bug with not being able to light a cigarette while sitting on a chair
-Added Coffee Pan for making coffee on open fire or grill
-Made kitchen stove hot plates functional
-Fixed issue with Cigarette causing a fire even after dumping the Cigarette but outhaling smoke
-Added visible smoke before Player's house bursts into flames
-Added smoke detector
-Map changes
-GUI changes