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WARNING 1: All your bought Batteries, Fire Extinguishers and Oil Filters have reset back to Teimo's store
WARNING 2: Because of bug fix your Clutch Cover Plate will spawn back to garage. You can however install it back just through the engine block without having to disassemble anything.
WARNING 3: Make sure your Camshaft position is aligned before starting the engine!
-Added kWh gauge to house
-Added strawberry field for picking strawberries
-Increased battery charger charging speed
-Adjusted wheel rotation inertias for Satsuma, Hayosiko, Ruscko and Ferndale
-Adjusted performance characteristics of above vehicles
-Seating angle is now reset when entering Driving Mode
-Teimo now uses bicycle to travel to work
-Store is now open from 10 to 20, and both are closed on Sundays
-Added functional interior light and properly illuminated gauges for Satsuma
-Changed Rally in to a two day event with two special stages
-Moved Rally results tents to school yard
-Added Rally spectators
-Adjusted oil dipstick indicator, full oil level is now shown close to MAX
-Added Racing Flywheel that decreases engine mass and inertia
-Decreased engine shaking when using standard Flywheel
-Added wasps, also note that player has a wasp sting allergy
-Fixed issue where it was able to buy Block or Crankshaft even when those old parts were not fully disassembled
-Added grandma, if you follow her conversations correctly you will get more money
-Added general conversation agreement gestures (when not too drunk), default button "K"
-Kilju guy does now catch you from trying to fool him
-Added story progression and a job to do for Kilju guy
-Added office worker to water facility
-Slowed down firewood job progression
-Fixed bug with milk and pub coffee drinking not locking the left hand
-Selling Kilju and picking strawberries does not count to your official income
-Increased tolerance of waste grate check to avoid incorrectly placed fines
-Fire Extinguishers, Batteries and Oil Filters are now disposable at the landfill
-Fixed random "ghost bumps" that affected AI and Player cars on the highway
-Adjusted analog clutch sensitivity so that it engages little earlier
-Fixed audio issues with footsteps when using analog player control inputs
-Made Boat controls compatible with analog controllers, similarly to other vehicles
-Added Camshaft alignment, use Camshaft Gear bolt to rotate
-Fixed bug where it was possible to remove disc and drumbrakes while wheels where installed
-Made Alternator charging efficiency dependant on wear
-Made brake fluid simulation better, amount of fluid affects the maximum braking efficiency
-Suspension can now bend (Fix at Fleetari's) instead of completely break off, except for very hard hit
-Added odometer to truck