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-Fixed bug with pikes not spawning correctly if trap was in hand
-Fixed issue with starter status not properly checked when starting the engine
-Changed min and max mixture setting limits for all the carburettors
-Adjusted Tractor and Flatbed weights, should perform better now
-Adjusted tractor physics and performance
-Satsuma clock now only works when installed with car battery
-Slowed down Alternator charging rate
-Fixed truck steering help setting issues
-Added detailed car battery condition simulation
-Car batteries can be bought from store (original battery now in bad condition)
-Traveling with a Bus does not trigger traffic offences any more
-Fixed bug with not being able to get out of Driving Mode if Racing Harness was removed while buckled up
-Added spots for catching pikes, best place around island, then average and bad place somewhere else at the lake
-Septic tank needs to be emptied at Water Facility with additional waste handling fee
-Dumping septic waste into ground is now a felony, any fines will be appear at home mail box
-Added a place to play cards with money, you can bet also cars and houses
-Decreased jumping height while inside vehicles
-Fixed bug with police not giving fines for non-inspected Satsuma
-Added car and house keys, except for tractor, moped and boat
-Added a new drivable car
-Added battery charger
-Changed Satsuma standard suspension and handling
-Added suspension upgrades
-Made smoking decrease hunger and fatigue a little
-Pitched up of Satsuma engine sample to make it sound like it is revving higher
-Added electricity bills, will spawn at home mail box
-Changed cigarette system; max 20 cigs in the inventory at any time, can be refilled from loose packages
-You can now drink from jail cell WC bowl
-Added odometer to Van and work hour meter to Tractor