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WARNING: Your Fan Belt might be gone, go buy a new one from Teimo
-Fixed bug with rear shock absorbers not going in after first removing them
-Added telephone bills
-You can now grill food on top of a hot Satsuma engine
-Added purchasable computer
-Spawn point after death is now at the gate of the graveyard
-Alternator Belts (prev. Fan Belt) can be now stocked
-Weather is now being saved
-Driving lights can be now toggled off by keeping Beam Mode button pressed down
-Changed how driving light modes are used in Satsuma
-Added Marker Lights to Parts Magazine
-Added seatbelts to Ferndale
-Fixed bug with Rally where it was not possible to register for a new event if player abandoned previous rally after Saturday stage
-Spark plugs have now also visual indication about their condition
-Added Wristwatch (you need to fight for it!)
-Added roll down windows to every vehicle, but not for passenger sides for performance economic reasons (:D)
-Added Wood Stove and Wood Chopping to Ventti-cabin, which activate after you win the cabin
-Staying at the Cottage island reduces stress now
-Gifu truck requires now rev matching when changing gears, applies only to players using H-Shifter controller
-Made highway little more bumpy