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-Fixed repair shop not being open at Fridays and being open at Sundays
-Fixed issue with Block replacement being successful even when the engine was not disassembled
-Made a closure for the life story lines of "kilju guy"
-Player colliding with the car should not make any dents to it any more
-Optimized death screen magazine and added few more death screens
-Fixed issue with replacement parts getting stuck at the counter
-Added NPC tests
-Car inspection shop now follows opening hours
-Added Ratchet Tool set for faster bolt fastening, available from parts magazine
-Changed the system how Spark Plug fastening is handled, let us know if you experience issues
-Added working fireplace to cottage and house
-Improved Yellow car driving capabilities around the village, should not spin out so much now
-Smoothed out some bumpy dirt road sections
-Added footsteps sounds
-Added garbage disposal pit at landfill site to get rid of garbage (destroys items bought from store that are empty)
-Fixed issue where player could grab the car seat while in Driving Mode
-Cops now enforce 80km/h speed limit for Truck and Van
-Fixed bug with cops where some offences were not noted if player stopped for breath test
-Changed so that player is released from jail instantly when he has 0 days left