My Summer Car Wiki

The player can vandalise Lindell's property for a highly alcoholic reward from Fleetari once he has called on the phone while drunk. This job can only be completed once per game save.

Getting the job[]

As with other jobs, vandalism jobs begin with a phone call, this one from Fleetari, owner of the car repair shop. He will request that the player empty some sewage onto the car inspection shop's property, which—as with any other job—is marked on the map with a dart. He usually calls at night or early morning, drunk.

The probability of getting the drunk call from Fleetari is not completely random. Instead, the probability increases every time the player interacts with Fleetari when he is at his repair shop. Entering his office for the first time of the day (when he greets you and insults your car) results in a small increase, and having a repair job performed on your car results in a bigger increase. He also does not call before you have received the keys to the Gifu.

Completing the job[]

In order to succeed, the player simply needs to drive on the parking lot of the car inspection shop with a loaded truck, get out and open the spill valve on the back of the truck. Once the job is complete, Fleetari will reward the player with ten bottles of booze, as well as increasing his discount from 10% off to 40% off.


Dumping sewage anywhere other than the wastewater treatment plant may result in a massive fine for environmental crime and this job is not an exception. If player will try to avoid paying this fine, the police will show up at the player's house and take them to jail. To maximize the benefit of a better discount, the job should be performed with as low a net income and with as little sewage as possible, no more than one sewage well (around 2400L), and ideally before buying any expensive services from Fleetari.