My Summer Car Wiki

There are all kinds of vehicles (Fin.png: Ajoneuvot) scattered around Alivieska, ranging from a small motorboat to a six-wheeled septic truck. Some of these vehicles are driveable by the player, while the others are either abandoned or driven by other people.

Driveable vehicles

Vehicles which can be driven by the player character. The player may only have access to the vehicle during certain times.

Owned by the player

Satsuma AMP


The Satsuma AMP is the player's car. It is a small Japanese car, based on the Datsun 100A/Nissan Cherry E10. This is the car the main character has to assemble. The Satsuma is equipped with a 1.0L (988 ccs) inline four-cylinder gasoline engine, with a four-speed manual transmission. It has a luxury/sport trim, known as GT trim. GT trim comes with improved performance, better-looking parts to adorn the vehicle and a special paint job.

Satsuma AMP GT

Satsuma gt.jpg

The Satsuma AMP GT is a premium/sport trim of the regular Satsuma AMP which cannot be found normally in the game, but instead built specially by the player. The GT model has more powerful engine, GT grille, GT wheels, GT livery, wooden GT steering wheel, wooden GT center console and more GT extras. The GT trim was added in 20 August 2019 update.



The Kekmet is a tractor owned by the player. It can be found at the woodshed by the player's house. Its main use is to deliver firewood to the firewood guy by using the trailer and to deliver haybales to the farm guy. It also can be used to tow junk cars as well. Its front lift can be used to lift the Satsuma for easy access to the undercarriage. It is based on Valmet 502.



The trailer can be found in front of the woodshed near the player's house. Its main purpose is to deliver firewood to the firewood guy at his house and to deliver haybales to the farm guy. The trailer can hold 160 pieces of firewood, and can only be attached to Kekmet.

Hayosiko Pace


The Hayosiko Pace is a van modeled after a 2nd generation Toyota Hiace. It is owned by the uncle of the main protagonist. It's very rusty, creates a huge amount of diesel fumes and has a very soft suspension, probably meaning that it was used for many years of hard work. To drive it, the player has to get the keys from his uncle.

Gifu 405 T


The Gifu 405 T is a vacuum truck that the player's uncle owns. To drive it, the player has to get the keys from his uncle like the blue van. It can be used for septic tank pumping jobs. It has a turbocharged diesel engine and three axles. At the start of the game, it's located at the waste processing plant. It is based on a Sisu M-series truck.

Tarja boat


The boat (Tarja) is a water vehicle docked in Kesselinperä with an outboard engine. The name "Tarja" denotes the engine and is a joke on the Finnish outboard engine "Terhi" (made by Valmet) which are both female names. The boat uses two-stroke fuel. It is the safest and fastest way to Teimo's shop.

Jonnez ES

Jonnez ES.png

The Jonnez ES is a moped modeled after the Suzuki PV 50. It has a top speed of 90 km/h and has four gears. It is equipped with an 80cc two-stroke engine and runs off two-stroke fuel, which can be bought at Teimo's shop. The name comes from the Finnish term "mopojonne", which means a teenager who drives a moped and drinks energy drinks.

Owned by other characters

Burnet Ferndale


The Burnet Ferndale is an American muscle car parked outside Fleetari Repair Shop. The car shows some resemblance to a 6th generation, early 70's Dodge Coronet. Fleetari, the repair shop owner offers the player to borrow it when they leave their Satsuma there for service. Unlike the other driveable cars in the game, Ferndale is equipped with a three-speed automatic transmission.

RCO Ruscko


The RCO Ruscko is a vehicle that can be found inside a shed at the ventti house. It is based on a Škoda Octavia Combi from the 1960s. The keys for it must be won by playing ventti after the player exceeds the 4,050 mk bet. The player has to risk Satsuma to win this car. It can also be started by using a screwdriver from either the spanner or ratchet set.

Arvo-Algotson 3000


The Arvo-Algotson 3000 is a combine harvester used to complete the Harvester delivery farm job given by Tohvakka. It is the slowest vehicle in the game. The harvester only can be used to work by the player after earning the owner's trust by completing the Haybale delivery job first. The player will still be able to interact and drive it after completing the job and receiving the money.

Non-driveable vehicles

Vehicles which cannot be driven by the player but may be seen being driven by NPC. In some of them, player can travel as passenger.

Main characters' vehicles



The EDM 500LX is a vehicle that appears at the Dance Pavilion on Saturday nights. Kuski, the driver, will allow the player to climb into the back of the car using the rear doors. This car has the same function as the Fittan, in which the driver gives you a ride home.

Pena's Fittan


Pena's Fittan is based on the Fiat/Seat 133 or 1989 FSM Niki. It has custom wheels, a little bit more high-pitched Satsuma sound and has a door that you can open and a seat in which you can enter "Passenger Mode". The driver of the car is called Pena. It is possible to take a lift from Pena just by opening the door and getting into passenger mode. Only the right door can be opened.

Ricochet ST


The Ricochet is a vehicle modeled after a Toyota Carina 1600 ST with a front/rear bumper delete, black stripes, a front air dam, rear window louvers, and a large spoiler, with "Gommer Gobra RallyE" tires and a zebra styled interior, similar to some of the modifications the player can purchase for their Satsuma. It can be seen outside Teimo's shop.

Svoboda 180


The Svoboda 180 (meaning "freedom" in many Slavic languages) is a vehicle based off the Škoda 120 and has a rusted, beaten up appearance. It has a checkered roof, a black hood, a red spoiler, a leopard themed interior and black rear rims. Svoboda is equipped with a 5-Speed manual transmission and rear-wheel drive. Triggering Svoboda to race is the same as with Ricochet. The same goes for the path and performance.

Teimo's bike

Teimo's bike.png

Teimo's bike is a non-player operable bicycle used by Teimo to get from his house to the shop and vice versa. Teimo rides his bike at a steady pace of about 15-20 km/h, which is the second slowest vehicle in the game. Teimo can only be knocked out when he is riding his bike.



The bus is an NPC-driven vehicle that travels in a clockwise direction around the highway and stops regularly at the bus stop in front of Teimo's shop. It costs 25 mk to get on the bus. The bus drives at fairly slow speeds, slower than most cars seen on the highway. There are buttons above each seat to stop the bus if the player wants to get out at the next bus station. Flipping off the bus driver too many times will cause the player to be kicked out of the bus.

Random NPC vehicles

Beer Gifu

Gifu (beer).png

The beer lorry variant of the Gifu is a non-driveable vehicle that can be seen driving on the highway. It is based on a Finnish Sisu M-series truck (specifically an M-162), and the name references the logo design of the Finnish Sisu candy.


Fittan (highway).png

The red Fittan is a non-driveable vehicle based on the Fiat/Seat 133 which can be seen driving around the highway. It has custom wheels, sounds like a little bit more high-pitched Satsuma, and has a green passenger-side door despite the rest of the car being red. A wrecked Fittan can be found at Fleetari Repair Shop.



The white Pölsa is a non-driveable vehicle that can be seen driving around the highway. It is based on the first generation Saab 900, the non-convertible version, produced from 1978 to 1993.

Victro Victra


Victras are non-driveable vehicles that can be seen around Alivieska, most notably on the highway. They are based on the Opel / Vauxhall Vectra A.

Svoboda 180

Svoboda (highway).png

The Svoboda 180 is a non-driveable vehicle based on the Škoda 120 which can be seen driving around the highway.

Victro Victra V6 (Techno)

Victra (techno).png

The techno Victra is a bright green Opel / Vauxhall Vectra A with red rims. The driver of this vehicle is drivng recklessly and will overtake anything going slower than it. This may result in the player coming into contact with the car and thus resulting in the player's death or the death of their beloved Satsuma.

Caravan Pölsa

Trailer front.png

The Pölsas are non-driveable vehicles. This particular Pölsa has a caravan-trailer attached to the hitch of the vehicle. It can be seen driving around the highway in each direction. The trailer is based on a Finnish made Solifer trailer.



Lamores are non-driveable vehicles. They appear in three color designs. Two of them drive around the highway, and other one can occasionally be seen parked at Jouko's house. They are based on Toyota Corolla E80.

Rally cars

These vehicles appear on Saturday and Sunday, when Rally Sprint Race is taking place.

Victro Orca


The Orca is a modified rally car that only appears on the dirt roads during the Rally Sprint Race. It is a sporty coupe based on an Opel Manta B2 and comes in three different liveries.

Hayosiko Pollo


The Pollo is a modified rally car that only appears on the dirt roads during the Rally Sprint Race. It is a compact hatchback based on a Toyota Starlet KP60 and can be found in three different liveries.

Corris Costo


The Costo is a modified rally car that only appears on the dirt roads during the Rally Sprint Race. It is a compact saloon based on a Ford Escort Mark II and can be found in three different liveries.

Drag cars

These vehicles can be seen on Friday in Airfield.

Masser Y

Masser Y.png

The Masser Y is one of the unique Drag racing vehicles which appear each Friday for the community drag event. The Masser is based on a real Morris 12 Y-type modified in Finland to become a legendary Wheelie Wagon. It is the fastest vehicle in My Summer Car.



The Covina is the second unique Drag racing vehicle only found each Friday at the community drag event. This vehicle is based on a modified yellow Chevrolet Bel Air built for drag racing and therefore is one of the fastest accelerating vehicles in My Summer Car.

Other vehicles

Police Pölsa

Pölsa (police).png

The police variants of the Pölsa are non-driveable vehicles that appear at police checkpoints on the highway. Failing to stop at a checkpoint will cause both of the cars to chase the player until; the player stops and pays the fine, the player manages to escape, or the player dies.



The train is a "AR", presumably an acronym for "Alivieskan rautatiet" (Alivieskan railways), class Dr13 (made between 1962–1965) with three blue passenger coaches. It can reach speeds up to 140 km/h. Specifically, based on the number on front, it appears to be based on VR Dr13 locomotive 2335.

Roaming boat


The roaming boat is an NPC driven boat, similar to the player's boat, which can be found on the Peräjärvi lake. It is notisibly faster than the player's boat and can be heard driving around from inside the players' house.

Wrecked & abandoned vehicles

These vehicles cannot be driven by anybody, even if they wanted to.

Sellable car wrecks



The abandoned Fairlane is a car wreck that can be found somewhere in Alivieska listed on the wrecked cars page. The body and interior are rusted deeply, but the rims and some trim are remaining. The player can tow the Fairlane wreck with the truck or tractor to Fleetari, who will pay 3,200 mk for it.



The abandoned Firebird is a car wreck that can be found somewhere in Alivieska listed on the wrecked cars page. The wheels, interior, and trim are already salvaged or destroyed, but perhaps Fleetari can salvage some decent engine parts, or even do a restoration, since it and the Fairlane are the cars he sounds most impressed with upon delivery. The player can tow the Firebird wreck with the truck or tractor to Fleetari, who will pay 4,500 mk for it - more than any other wreck.

Model T

Model T.png

The abandoned Model T is a car wreck that can be found somewhere in Alivieska listed on the wrecked cars page. It is only the center frame and body, the chassis, engine, and interior have already been salvaged or destroyed. The player can tow the Model T wreck with the truck or tractor to Fleetari, who will pay 2,000 mk for it.

Satsuma AMP GT


The abandoned Satsuma GT is a car wreck that can be found somewhere in Alivieska listed on the wrecked cars page. It has no wheels or engine in it and can't be restored or used as a frame for building regular Satsuma at home. The player can tow the Satsuma wreck with the truck or tractor. Fleetari pays 1,200 mk for it, the least of the 4 wrecks.

Wrecks at the repair shop



The Fittan is one of the abandoned vehicles in Alivieska. It is located close to the outhouse at Fleetari's repair shop. It has wheels unlike the other abandoned Fittan and the body is damaged. It can't be interacted with. might have been owned by Pena or Fleetari.



The Gifu is an abandoned variant of the Gifu, very likely the Beer version due to color scheme. It is fairly stripped out, with the engine and rear suspension next to the Outhouse at Fleetari's repair shop.



Abandoned Kekmet sits next to Fleetari's repair shop. It's missing the doors, steering wheel, dashboard and probably more pieces. However, it has the front wheels and one of its rear wheels seems to be leaning against the window. It cannot be moved in any way.


Wrecked pölsa.png

The green Pölsa sits next to Fleetari's repair shop. It's in decent condition, but it hasn't got wheels. It seems someone either stole or repurposed them. The car cannot be moved in any way.



On the south side of Fleetari's repair shop in Alivieska, next to its outhouse, players can locate a junked Svoboda 180 prop. The car appears to be a combination of two other variants of the Svoboda, featuring the stock yellow body of the Svoboda on the highway, and mismatching wheels and uneven suspension distribution partially based on Petteri's Svoboda.

Wrecks at Toivo Kesseli's yard



The Fittan is a vehicle found in a sad state. Little is known why this specific Fittan is wrecked, but it could very well be Pena's previous car, meaning at some point Pena crashed it while going to Toivo's or on his rally route. It could also be a parts car for his current Fittan, although no parts seem to be left. The Kekmet tire is standing next to the car, but cannot be moved in any way.


Gifu toivo.jpg

The Gifu is an abandoned truck next to Uncle Kesseli's house. It is implied to be Toivo's old truck or a parts truck for the player driveable Gifu since it is literally next to his house.

Removed vehicles

These vehicles have been removed for various reasons.



Fury cropped.png

The Fury was an American drag car based on a 1961 Plymouth Fury. At one point it was a testing vehicle for drag racing but later removed. It can now be found in a lesser state inside Fleetari's repair shop.


Logging Gifu

The logging variant of the Gifu was a non-driveable vehicle seen driving counter-clockwise on the highway prior to its removal from the game in an unknown update. It is based on a Finnish Sisu M-series lorry (specifically an M-162), and the name references the logo design of the Finnish Sisu candy.

Hayosiko Pace

The yellow Hayosiko was a non-driveable vehicle based on the 2nd generation Toyota HiAce which could be seen driving around the highway. It was replaced by Lamore in 12.08.2021 update.

Dirt track Satsuma

Satsuma dirt track.png

Satsuma, standing on the dirt track being ready to be raced by the player. It was first known AI vehicle in the game.

HIghway Satsuma


4 of them used to spawn on highway in build 178, in different colors. They were missing almost all parts, being just body with wheels, driving around driverless. The wheels didn't cast shadows.


  • Highway traffic is randomized every time the game is saved and reloaded. If you're scared of the green devil haunting the Streets, head to the toilet, and it might spare you.
  • The Caravan Pölsa's trailer can detach from the car and potentially pose a whole new form of Highway danger, as other Highway vehicles will not see the trailer as a Vehicle and crash right into it, possibly pushing it into your lane and killing you.