This article is about the green techno version. For regular Victras, see Victra.

The green techno Victra (commonly referred to as the green menace, wub wub car, thump thump car, and Techno Viking) is a bright green Victra, a car based on the real-life Opel / Vauxhall Vectra A. It can be seen (and heard) driving on the highway every now and then.

This vehicle is reckless and will overtake anything going slower than it. This may result in the player coming into contact with the car and thus resulting in the player's death or the death of their beloved Satsuma. For fun, it is actually possible to race the car around the highway. The music played in the car is a modified version of a song called Mustamies.

Unlike all other vehicles on the highway, the techno Victra is not guaranteed to spawn when the player enters the highway for the first time during a game session.


Victra rear view

Don't laugh. Your daughter might be inside.

  • The car has a sticker on the rear window that says "Don't laugh, your daughter might be inside".
  • The exhaust of the vehicle is the Satsuma aftermarket exhaust, but flipped around.
  • The wheels of the vehicle are similar to Satsuma rally wheels.
  • The car was removed in the 19 December 2016 update for the purpose of replacing it with a yellow car, but was soon brought back because of player feedback.