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Wheels are car parts which can initially be found in the attic of the mansion near Loppe. They are attached to the car with 4x13mm bolts each. Different kinds of tyres and rims can be bought from Fleetari Repair Shop and the parts catalog respectively.

Tyres can be serviced, replaced, or changed at any point. This is done by uninstalling the wheels from the Satsuma and placing them on Fleetari's counter, or by leaving the whole car on the driveway with the wheels installed. As with any other order from Fleetari's brochure, it will take some time for the new tyres to be installed on the rims.

Note: Up to four wheels will be serviced at a time, and wheels inside the office are prioritised over wheels that are installed on the car.

A fifth spare stock wheel can be found at the landfill site, next to the toilet. Wheels cannot currently be attached to the spare wheel compartment at the back of the car.

The car can only pass the inspection with the standard or Gommer Gobra tyres; no other type of tyre will work (including the stock tyres).

Wheel typesEdit


There are nine different kinds of rims available in the game; they can be coloured with spray cans, or by Fleetari.


Wide steel rims Octo rims Hayosiko rims Rally rims
Price 1,205 mk Price 1,895 mk Price 1,975 mk Price 2,590 mk
Wide steel rim Octo rim Hayosiko rim Rally rim
Slot rims Spoke rims Turbine rims Racing rims
Price 1,950 mk Price 2,200 mk Price 2,310 mk Price 2,545 mk
Slot rim Spoke rim Turbine rim Racing rim


Steel rims
Price Free
Steel rim


There are five different kinds of tyres available in the game. The stock tyres are only available for the stock rims and, without the use of a save file editor, cannot be reapplied once changed.


Standard road tyres Gommer Gobra road tyres EURopeiska rally tyres Sutasiko slick tyres
Price 1,750 mk Price 2,110 mk Price 3,200 mk Price 2,950 mk
Standard road tyre Gommer Gobra road tyre EURopeiska rally tyre Sutasiko slick tyre


Stock tyres
Price Free
Stock tyre


Patch notesEdit

Update Changes
Unknown • Added the wheels
12 July
• Fixed a bug where after game load rear wheels can't be removed if the suspension is not correctly assembled
20 July
• Rear wheels don't get stuck anymore if the rear coil springs are disassembled
2 August
• Increased tyre grip
16 August
• Garage jack should not cause so much issues with car wheels anymore
5 September
• Fixed a bug where wheels could be turned even steering wheel was not installed
5 October
• Added custom wheels
8 May
• Added skidmarks and tyre dirt clouds
12 July
• Yellow spikes from tyres at some circumstances are now removed for good
6 October
• Wheel movements are now refined to feature correct angle changes
28 January
• The stock rims can now be painted
21 March
• All wheel bolt sizes changed to 13
• Fixed a floating wheel issue after a wheel was accidentally dropped
• Grip on different surfaces should change accordingly between tyre types
• Adjustments for front wheel suspension geometry
28 October
• Fixed an issue with front wheel brake nuts not saving their state correctly
24 November
• Fixed an issue with the tyres losing their grip when loading the game on top of an asphalt surface
13 March
• Fixed a bug where rear trail arms could be detached while wheels stayed in place
29 May
• Fixed a bug with the wheels having a memory leak if the game was loaded when the car was saved upside down
5 December
• Every wheel can be now installed freely to any corner of the car
• Added tyre wear and puncture
• Added more aftermarket wheels to the parts catalog
23 February
• Fixed a bug where it was possible to remove the disc and drum brakes while wheels where installed
• Adjusted wheel rotation inertia
30 April
• Fixed a bug with tyre raycasts hitting fender flare colliders and causing issues
• Fixed a bug with wheel alignment and suspension damage messing with each other
Brake master cylinder fluid levels now affect brake efficiency separately for front and rear wheels
18 August
• Getting suspension damage from crashing might now also cause tyre puncture
• Fixed several bugs with tyres when they were replaced by Fleetari while installed to the car
• Fixed an FPS slowdown issue when having random objects under the wheels
• Fixed an issue with front wheel alignment resetting into incorrect angle upon every game load
24 October
• The stock wheels can now be found at the mansion when starting a new game