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The woodshed (Fin.png: puusuojus) is a farm building found around Alivieska, two noteable ones being behind the player's home in Kesselinperä and at Tohvakka's farm. Both house important useable machinery unlike others such as the one found at Kotimuoti Oy which is empty.

The player's is within easy walking distance of the house, so don't bother starting a car to drive there unless more than a couple of things are needed to be carried. To find it, go southeast (away from the lake) from home. Take a right at the mail boxes, (to south) and follow the track in that direction. The woodshed will be fully visible at this point.

A few other sheds are located around Alivieska. One important one at Tohvakka's farm, another next to strawberry field and Kotimuoti Oy factory. Tohvakka's woodshed is valuable as the player can stone haybales here for money when Tohvakka so asks. Rykipohja, as fellow farmer, has a woodshed, but it is just decoration.

Several useful things can be found at Kesselinperäs (home) one: