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World's Man is an adventure game that can be played on the Mikropekka computer at home. It can be downloaded from the Files section of Con-Line BBS; the file size is 1330 kilobytes, which means that downloading the game at the highest possible baud rate will take about 36 minutes and 57 seconds. The game can be accessed with the worldman command and, as with most other games, terminated by pressing Q. The goal of the game is to find "the truth".


The objective of the game is to guide the man using the arrow keys in order to find "the truth", an invisible object hidden somewhere on the map. The initial location of the man can be determined by finding the centre of four different tiles, and seeing where that is on the map. After the man's position has been determined, he can be guided towards the different objects on the map.

There are five different types of terrain, but they are only different from each other visually. The map is randomly generated every time a new game is started, and the edges of the map wrap around.

There are four different items that can be found: the two compass parts display the man's current horizontal and vertical coordinates individually, the radar shows the man's current position on the map, and the truth finder changes the color of the coordinates depending on the location of "the truth".

The man's walking speed increases based on how many steps have been taken, up to a maximum speed of 5:

Steps 0 50 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800
Speed 0.5 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0 3.5 4.0 4.5 5.0

News of the world[]

The news of the world section on the UI periodically displays various randomly generated messages based on three separate lines:

Who What Where
Terrorist murdered in Finland.
President executed in Kongo.
Country musician assassinated in the White House.
Children awarded in Russia.
Beauty pageant lost forever in Zimbabwe.
Mass murderer won a competition in Germany.
High-profile politician questioned for treason in Sweden.
A little kitten having an uprising in Canada.
Professional golfer met with confusion in the USA.
A man with Ebola virus sentenced to death in Buckingham Palace.
A man with polio wins a chess match in Hiroshima.
Scientist released on parole in an owl cave.
Horse jockey got married in Harlem.
World traveller saw a UFO in a ghetto.
Mexican woman met Bigfoot in Hollywood.
Mexican man fell off the Earth in Bohemian Grove.
Chinese man got pregnant in Glastonbury Grove.
Chinese woman turned to stone in Area 51.
American woman rose from the dead in Africa.
American man killed by death in Europe.
Famous popstar kicked a child in Antarctica.
Catholic priest mismanaged a company in Australia.
Loch Ness Monster set up a pyramid scheme in South Africa.
Jimmy Hoffa's relative found guilty on a fraud in South America.
Plastic surgeon slept the whole day in Sumatran jungle.
Circus ringmaster built a harem in Lapland.
Pro wrestler finished a pyramid in a parking lot.
Independent film director destroyed a pyramid in a post office.
Media mogul caught in a web of lies in a bank.
Cult leader robbed a bank in Thailand.
Eccentric Italian found traces of Atlantis in Middle East.
Finnish alcoholic built a nuclear weapon in family reunion.
Drug dealer started a war in Denmark.
Computer programmer ended a war under the sea.
The King of Sweden crashed a cruise ship in Sahara.
The Queen of England entered Hell in Siberia.
A punk rock band ascended to Heaven in television.
A hockey team met Satan in a space station.
A mother of 100 children built a robot in Egypt.
A lottery winner won a dance contest in Alaska.
A laboratory assistant won a horse race in Ethiopia.
Nazi leader became invisible in a volcano.
Communist leader became immortal in Niagara Falls.
The Pope created a new sport in an igloo.
A football manager married a hooker in a bear cave.
A ski jump champion caused a sabotage in Guatemala.
The village idiot wrote a dictionary in Brazil.
An Englishman blew up a building in Los Angeles.
American enterpreneur fixed an unfixable car in a pizzeria.
An extraterrestrial survived the atom bomb in a bordello.
Techno artist survived a nuclear blast in a zoo.
Renaissance painter killed by laser gun in Liechtenstein.
A French diplomat attacked by killer bees in Monaco.
Jazz drummer gambled all money in San Marino.
US prime minister destroyed a city on a Nascar track.
NASA worker cures cancer in a circus.
Science expert collected a paycheck in London.
An expert in politics rewrote a dictionary in Scotland.
A gas station owner adopted a lion in Jamaica.
A jury member lived inside a whale in Mount Everest.
An awkward person rewrote The Bible in a prison cell.
Librarian unlearned everything in Iceland.
Agent provocateur made a square circle in a graveyard.
President's lover tamed a monkey in political summit.
Ice hockey legend tried to end the world in a gas station.
FBI agent won ten jackpots in a robot factory.
A chauvinist escaped hostile territory inside a missile silo.
CIA agent made a mountain move in a hall of mirrors.
Former Stasi agent pimped the president under a rainbow.
Philharmonic orchestra erased history inside a nuclear reactor.


Finding "the truth" will cause the news of the world section to display "A man finds The Truth.", followed by a newspaper with similar text appearing on the screen.


  • Winning the World's Man game will unlock the "Seek and you shall find" achievement.
  • The news of the world section can display a total of 343,000 unique messages.
  • The gameplay resembles the "Orienteering" minigame from Adventure Race, a collection of minigames released on a few Nokia phones in the early 2000s.