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Fairlane wreck loaded on Kekmet trailer.

There are four wrecked cars (Fin.png: Hylätty auto) around Alivieska that can be delivered to Fleetari to earn money. The locations of these cars are randomized. One of them, a Satsuma GT wreck, spawns along with center console GT and spare wheel.

You do not need to wait for a phone call to do this job, it can be done at any time. The money can be collected from Fleetari during the opening hours of his repair shop (08:00 - 16:00 from Monday to Friday). One thing to note is that upon accepting the money from Leif your dirtiness will increase to maximum. You won't be able to get the money if the repair shop is closed, and must wait for it to open again; the wrecks can still be hauled to the yard when the repair shop is closed.

It is advisable to use the Gifu to tow the cars. The Kekmet can also tow them but has a slower top towing speed. One option is to use the Kekmet trailer, but getting the wreck on the trailer using the Kekmet front lifter can be tricky. When the wreck is on the trailer, it is advisable to attach the towing rope between the wreck and Kekmet so the wreck won't fall off.

The wrecks may spawn inside a barn. You can bring the sledgehammer or an ax which will break down the doors easily. Alternatively, if axes and hammers do not appeal, or they aren't at hand, the doors can be bashed open by hand, a big enough object (like a crate of beer) or with a vehicle — Kekmet, with its protruding forklift, works especially well. With the doors out of the way, go to the front end of the junk car and attach the towing rope to it and the back of your tractor. Using low-range gears is recommended, as the wrecked car will weigh the tractor down, reducing speed. When towing with the Gifu, the recommended shifting pattern can be applied to lighter wrecks. Beware of trees, or any other obstacles around, since wrecks can easily stuck on them.

Drive it over to the car repair shop, park it near the other junk vehicles. If the Ferndale is standing in your way, the Gifu will take care of it quickly. Remove the towing rope, and go inside the repair shop. Fleetari should thank you for your "great junk find" and give you some money. The money will be laid on the counter, next to the service brochure. After taking the money, wrecks can be towed elsewhere so not to litter shop's driveway.


The locations are random (this list might still be incomplete):

Fairlane behind some trees.

Firebird by the dirt road.

Wrecked Satsuma at the landfill site. Note nearby center console GT and spare wheel.

T-bucket by the dirt road, opposite of Teimo's house.

  • In the closest barn to the southern railroad intersection near Sirkka's house.
  • (Coming from Peräjärvi) In the barn nearest to the ventti house (where the GT rims are), just before the turn off for its driveway.
  • On the same side (Coming from Peräjärvi) of the road of the GT rims' barn, but past the ventti house driveway, near a small pond.

    Model T by pond right after the Ventti Cabin's driveway.

  • In the barn near the radio mast.
  • In the turn between Teimo's house and the radio mast, behind a patch of trees on the left, coming from Peräjärvi.
  • In the gravel pit between the strawberry field and the highway.
  • In the corner where the dirt road and the road leading to the airfield meet, on the gravel pit side, hidden behind a patch of woods.
  • Down the hill at the end of the top road of the ski hill.
  • On the top of the hill, north of the ski hill concrete foundation that the ramps are built on.
  • Next to the trees at the second left turn on the dirt road, the right side of the road from home to Sirkka's house.
  • Left of the road, after the second left turn and before the first right turn (the one with the wheat field) heading to Sirkka's house, behind the trees.
  • By the northwest hairpin in the Dirt track, by a small lake.
  • Where the GT grille and RPM gauge are.
  • In the trees to the left of the access road to Peräjärvi when exiting from the main highway. It is about halfway between the highway and the township sign and can be quite difficult to see from the roadway.
  • Near the dip going to the ventti house near the barn where the GT rims are.
  • Behind an intact barn near the bird watching tower.
  • Going West at the first intersection coming from home, after a rock on the left, to the left, behind the trees.
  • After the previous location but before the intersection leading to the firewood guy's house. It is on the right, in a ditch behind the trees.

    Model T, behind the barn next to birdwatching tower.

  • At the airfield, going past the drag racing tent, behind the first rock by the lake to the left.
  • In the landfill site, between two garbage piles, by the most northern dirt road.
  • Going from Sirkka's house to Rykipohja, behind the trees on the right in a sharp left turn.
  • Satsuma behind a rock, near driveway of Ventti's hut.

    In the ditch by the firewood guy's house, on the left side of the road going North, to Jouko's house, hidden between a few trees.
  • Under the highway bridge.
  • Beside Uncle Kesseli's barn with a tractor tire leaning against it
  • Between the sharp right turn after the southern railroad intersection and the dirt track, on the left coming from Sirkka's house in a deep ditch.
  • All the wrecked cars sitting next to eachother.

    There may be more locations...

    Most of the already discovered spots for the wrecked cars (blue dots).


The amount of money Fleetari gives is different for each car, and in total, they are worth 10,900 mk.

Model T
Model T.png
Payment 2,000 mk
Payment 3,200 mk
Payment 4,500 mk
Satsuma GT (abandoned)
Payment 1,200 mk


  • Neither of the wrecks make another appearence in the game, except the Satsuma.
  • The player character can move two out of four wrecks with their bare hands, these are the T-bucket and the Satsuma.
  • The Satsuma is the newest and most mangled car of the lot, as such, Fleetari gives a very low price for it.
  • The only wreck that can be towed (but ill-advised) by anything other than the Kekmet or the Gifu is the Model T, being the lightest one of all.
  • Originally, before the wrecked Satsuma was added, the three wrecks always spawned in a predetermined location, not randomized.
  • If the Firebird or the Fairlane is close to the repair shop, it could be worth while to tow it there with the Kekmet to get some extra money early on. Depending on the terrain, you can't really use any other gear than Low 1, so pack lunch, bring some wheat juice, and put on a good tune.
  • With the new Kekmet front fork controls loading wrecks into the trailer might be more effective, but probably still not efficient enough to replace towing.