Wrecked car locations

The map with the wreck locations.

Trailer wreck

Fairlane wreck loaded on Kekmet trailer.

There are three wrecked cars around Alivieska that can be delivered to Fleetari to earn money; a body of a Ford Model T (probably a hot rod T-bucket) is on the dirt track near a pond, a 1st generation Pontiac Firebird is in the barn near the radio mast, and a 5th generation Ford Fairlane is to the right of the exit from your house, close to the western railroad crossing.

You do not need to wait for a phone call to do this job, it can be done at any time. The money can be collected from Fleetari during the opening hours of his repair shop (08:00 - 16:00 from Monday to Friday). You won't be able to get the money if the repair shop is closed, and must wait for it to open again; the wrecks can still be hauled to the yard when the repair shop is closed.

It is advisable to use the Gifu to tow the cars. The Kekmet can also tow them, but has a slower top towing speed. One option is to use the Kekmet trailer, but getting the wreck on the trailer using the Kekmet front lifter can be tricky. When the wreck is on the trailer, it is advisable to attach the towing rope between the wreck and Kekmet so the wreck won't fall off.

Both muscle cars are in sheds with stuck/locked doors. You can bring the sledgehammer or an ax which will break down the doors easily. Alternatively, you can push the doors out with your hands. With the doors out of the way, go to the front end of the junk car and tow it to the back of your truck. The use of low-range gears is recommended, as the wrecked car will "hold back" a little, reducing speed. When towing a wreck, watch out for trees; it can get stuck on them.

Drive it over to the car repair shop, park it on the grey gravel-area, near the other junk vehicles. If the Ferndale is standing in your way, you can give it a little "nudge" with the Gifu to move it further away. Remove the towing rope, and go inside the repair shop. Fleetari should thank you for your "great junk find" and give you some money. The money should be in an envelope on the counter, next to the service brochure.


The amount of money Fleetari gives is different for each car, and in total they are worth 9,700 mk.

Model T
Model T
Payment 2,000 mk
Location The dirt track in Rykipohja.
Payment 3,200 mk
Location In a barn by the southernmost railroad crossing.
Payment 4,500 mk
Location In a barn at the base of the radio mast.