The wristwatch is an item which can be obtained by knocking out the drunken man at the dance pavilion. Once the man has fallen down, he will drop his watch which can then be equipped by looking at it and pressing F. The watch can be looked at once it has been equipped by pressing and holding U. The hands and hour markings on the watch glow in the dark. The watch cannot be unequipped once it has been picked up.

Warning: Saving the game without equipping the watch will cause it to disappear, and the drunken man has to be knocked out again in order to reobtain it.
Wristwatch equipped

The wristwatch on the player character's wrist.


  • The markings are based on a submariner-style 24-hour clock rather than a more common 12-hour. However, this is a cheap knock-off[1] and does not function correctly; therefore, it should be used as a 12-hour clock by ignoring the outer markings (it may help to imagine the 0 as a 12 and to halve the other numbers).
  • Not only are the marking wrong for a 12-hour watch, they are also wrong for a 24-hour watch. The outer edge should be used to time an underwater dive, usually up to 60 minutes, and therefore marked 0-60. This knock-off has the gripped twist edge signifying it should have this ability but is marked wrong anyway.
  • Before it was introduced, it was originally a mod, which had the same control for it, except the texture wasn't the same and of course you didn't have to fight a drunk brawler at a dance pavillion. You can say that the wristwatch was a mod, that got merged into the vanilla game.


  1. Toplessgun - 12th October 2018: "Yeah but this is obviously a cheap market copy, are you really expecting it to work as it should? :D"